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The top of Scientology in 1990

Top of Scientology 1990
From left to right: Kurt Weiland (Commanding Officer OSA Int.), Mike Rinder (LRH Personal PR Officer Int.), Janet Light (Director of IAS Administrations), Marc Yager (Inspector General for Admin RTC), David Miscavige (Chairman of the Board RTC), Norman Starkey (Trustee of LRH's estate RTC), Ray Mithoff (Inspector General for Tech RTC), Mark Rathbun (Inspector General for Ethics RTC), Guillaume Lesevre (Executive Director Int.) and Ronnie Miscavige (Marketing Executive Int.).

3 success stories from Sea Org

Top of Scientology 1990
Heber Jentzsch
President of the "Church" of Scientology
Top of Scientology 1990
Liz Ingber
Commanding Officer CMO Gold
Top of Scientology 1990
Jeff Hawkins
Director of Marketing Research and Planning, Golden Era Productions
Looking cute, are we? 3 members of the Sea Org celebrating a quarter of a century wearing fake military uniforms. Check out this Heber boy in another situation; arrested in Spain in 1988, note HANDCUFFS!

Look what they got for their efforts, a nice gold Sea Org ring!

Sea Org ring

Helena Kobrin's early years

Helena (to the right) getting an award in 1986. She worked in those days for OSA. This picture is from a special reception and banquet at the Flag Land Base to honor the attorneys and OSA staff who were responsible for the recent "legal win" in Florida. It was a settlement of several litigation suits against Scientology where various gag-orders were issued (incl. M. Wakefield, Tonya Burden, etc.)
Helena get's it 

OSA: Office of Special Affairs

OSA working 
The OSA at work in 1996. On the left with the folder is Gege Scudellari. You can also see Mike Rinder (CO OSA Int) and Kurt Weiland (Deputy CO OSA Int for Production). Weiland don't look to happy, are they going through my file?

Wonder who's paying it all?

They donated 1,000,000 USD each!

They gave a million each!
Karl-Erich Heilig and Detlef Foullois donated 1,000,000 USD each to IAS. In 1992 both of them were sent to prison for two years for tax evasion fraud. The picture is from a "Patron Dinner" at the "Flag Land Base" in Clearwater from May 1991. On the right you can also see Janet Light (Director of IASA) and Guillaume Lesevre (Executive Director Int).

Don't go, there's more...

Mr. Segalla 

This is Gabriele Segalla, receiving the "freedom medal" by Norman Starkey on a IAS event in October 1991. Recently he was sentenced to 20 months in prison by an Italian court.
Mr. Segalla 

Two victims of Scientology

Rudolf Willems
Rudolf Willems
Albert Jaquier
Albert Jaquier
Rudolf Willems, a German steel company owner was a patron of the IAS and OT 3(?). He spent several millions of dollars for Scientology. In 1987 he shot himself when his company was bancrupt.

Albert Jaquier was OT 7. He spent about 2,000,000 USD for Scientology. He died in December 1994 after he was broke and several Scientologists refused to pay back their debts. Read the excerpts from his diary, written the last year of his life - 1994.

Religious Technology Center

Miscavige again, the chairman of the board in front of executives and crew of RTC. On the front row from the left: Hugh Wilhere, Mark Rathburn, Michael Sutter and Shelley Miscavige. Warren McShane is in the last row at the far right. Could it be Helena Kobrin in the second row far left? Press here to blow the picture up to 1200 pixels width.

Take a look at the executives at Flag
handling Lisa McPherson's case!

Images from Impact # 8, 33 and 34, Highwinds # 19, International Scientology News # 1/1996.

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