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Lisa's Case Supervisors

[Article written by Martin Ottmann. HTML'ized by Andreas Heldal-Lund, any spelling errors are mine.]

When Lisa McPherson was taken from the Morton Plant Hospital and brought to the Fort Harrison, after she had the car accident, one of the Scientologists, who guarded her was Alain Kartuzinsky.

Alain Kartuzinsky As "Deputy Senior Case Suprevisor" (D/Senior C/S) he was responsible for her programming and the supervision of her auditing up to Clear. He was also a specialist in "handeling rough cases" as he supervised the "Case-cracking unit". Two Years earlier, in 1993, he even reviewed an "isolation watch"-case that happened in Saint Hill, when a German Scientologist, Heidi Degro, was held in captivity for several weeks.

Per my estimate Kartuzinsky also supervised the isolation watch of Lisa, which finally led to her death in December '95. Here is Kartuzinsky's history in Scientology:

In an interview with the Source-magazine (Issue 78, 1991) Kartuzinsky had this to say about C/S'ing at Flag:
"The tech is applied in accordance with the bulletins. That's why we got the miracle results so fast. At Flag, like LRH said on the tape 'Welcome to the Flag Interne Cource', a comma at the wrong place is a high crime. The tech at Flag is exactly per LRH bulletins."
Richard Reiss Kartuzinsky's boss (or "senior") in 1995 was Richard Reiss, Senior C/S FSO, who had to supervise all Deputy C/Ses. In an interview with "Impact"-magazine in 1990 Reiss had to say the following about his post:
Richard Reiss: As Senior C/S I am responsible for the quality of the technology being delivered at Flag and the training of all the technical personall.
Impact: What exactly makes Flag 'the mecca for those who seek technical perfection'?
Richard Reiss: The reason so many people come here is not just that we deliver services that are not availible anywhere else. It is because Flag guarantees results. Flag lives and breathes technical quality in auditing and training. The Qualifications Division of Flag is larger than most orgs. I have five Deputy C/Ses. We have nine Cramming officers, including a New OT VIII cramming officer to service public at the case level.
We continually create our standards as nothing less than 100%. We continually monitor technical quality.

In early 1990 Richard Reiss became Senior C/S FSO when John Eastment left the FSO to become Senior C/S International. In late 1990 Reiss was put off post and sent to ITO Los Angeles for correction, when he had messed up John Travolta. John Travolta had a psychotic break after being audited personally by Reiss.

In 1991 Richard Reiss returned as Senior C/S to the FSO, but was bumped off again by John Eastment in 1992. His replacement was Carla Reiss, Richard's wife. She was later replaced by John Eastment, who got kicked by Ray Mithoff, who got his post. Neverless in late 1993 Richard Reiss was on his old post again.

By the way, the offices of the C/Ses at the Fort Harrison were located at the Cubanas (in 1992). So probably Reiss and Kartuzinsky were sitting very near to Lisa's room. They probably didn't bother to see Lisa, because per LRH C/Ses have to sit in their "ivory tower" and program the case correctly, give orders to the auditors and correct them by looking through the pc-folder.

If you want to take a better look at these "highly trained OT's" who "cleared" and "isolated" Lisa McPherson to death, check out this page.

I have no idea, what happened to them after Lisa's death, but I wouldn't be suprised if they were RPF'ed for creating "Out PR".

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