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Hitler marching Miscavige climbing
Göhring, Mussolini and Hitler marching.
Rathburn, Wilhere and Miscavige climbing.

Documentation of the Scientology-camp
"You higher human beings! Not until now begins to rotate the mountain of mankind's future. God has died: now we wish - that superman may live."
Friedrich Nietzsche


Responses to this page have been mixed, I'm still unsure what the message or impression the page gives. What makes me keep it for now is that it does not claim anything, I never said Scientology=Nazism. To me it's a response to the comparison between Germany now and the Nazis in the thirties made by Scientologists and their puppies. That is a proven lie, it still looks like some are buying it.

Nazism makes me really sick, I'm scared shitless that we, who never were there and saw it, will forget what really happened during WW2. I'm only 32 years old, I don't know where to start to "save the world". It was a coincidence that Scientology landed in my lap, as of now it is what I feel I should try to take a strong stand against. It's not "the worst thing around", it's just here and I feel strongly that people should stand up and warn others about it. If I can't stand up against this, what am I? Their tactic is scaring critics into silence, I refuse to go along with that.

This "church" brought up Nazism, and they do that frequently. Judging from the impact they have in US I believe it's about time someone stood up and said "Hey, who's comparing what with Hitler???" I don't feel this is using the same tactic we criticize them of using, It's about making it very clear that there are other views on that matter.

I've put a lot of thought and worry into Operation Clambake, it's far from a populist initiative just to get attention. I've read each page over and over trying to find something that I could not defend personally. I do see it as a whole, to me it's not single pages. In the light of my comments and explanations I feel "Made for Propaganda" fills a worrie that I have. If people go to my pages and just read that page they will get the wrong impression of me and my reasons, but I hope the pages makes them interested in going behind it and check out what it's all about. That's why I've made a link to OC on each page. And I want to take away this weapon from Co$, it's not right that they can go on comparing how they are treated in Germany today with how Jews and others were treatened by the Nazis. It's important to show another view too. Most of us know very well what Nazism stand for, few know what Hubbard represented. Wake people up with a scream and hopefully they will get engaged. These pages does just that in my opinion.

Many thanks to Martin Ottmann who did all the research for these pages.


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