One opened, more to go... Operation Clambake present:

The OC Picket Award

The Operation Clambake Picket Award is presented by Operation Clambake ( Every picket held against CoS or RTC (or any organization residing under their corporate umbrella), and submitted as described below, will be considered by the jury. The rewards will be announced on this site and on the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

The reward is:

The Operation Clambake
Picket Award

Xenu Teddy
The Unique OC Teddy
The OC Teddy got a military
uniform with the following
text on the t-shirt:

I'm here demonstrating

Ask me for a brochure
or go visit:

The award goes to the persons with the best picket report. The jury will be looking at:
Picket t-shirt
May 26 2004: Operation Clambake offer an additional reward to the winners: For each time the SP polar bear figures in pictures from a picket against CoS, they will receive a t-shirt (in human size) similar to the one the bear is wearing! Offer stands as long as my current stocks hold.

A picket report must be posted on the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology and a copy of that post must be submitted to for it to be evaluated. The Operation Clambake website reserves the right to publish or ignore all picket reports that are submitted.

For links and information on pickets against the Cult of Scientology, please visit the message board on Operation Clambake and select the topic International Picket Central.

And the winners are (so far):
  1. Caroline Letkeman (16.08.2003)
  2. (13.09.2003)
  3. John Ritson (20.03.2004)
  4. Mark Bunker (27.12.2004)


DISCLAIMER: ARSCC does NOT endorse the OC Picket Awards 2003, even if it has supported
it economically, since ARSCC does not exist and does NOT sit in the jury!

Brought to you by:
Operation Clambake