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Ron's Fight With The Dreaded Commie Menace!

Operation Clambake did an excellent job gathering documents from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) office, via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The documents show that L. Ron Hubbard tried to use the FBI to "punish" his enemies by claiming his emenies were Communists. There is a remote chance that Hubbard actually believed his own claims, though it is much more probable that Hubbard mearly called his enemies "Communists" because he wished to ruin their lives and their reputations--- a technique that would later become Scientology® policy and "scripture." One of his targets was his wife Sara Northrup, whom Hubbard told the FBI was "suspected only" of being a Communist: he wanted to get rid of her (see last panel for .GIF image). These files are available via PKZip file here courtesy of Operation Clambake. Note that Hubbard put a "Ph.D." after his name, but he never earned a Ph.D. and did not possess a Ph.D. Hubbard's letters, a sample of which are reproduced below, show why the FBI wrote "appears mental" in his records.
Operation Clambake presents: The H Files.
FBI files on L Ron Hubbard
[illegible form information]
Office Mem[______]um - UNITED [______] GOVERNMENT

TO : Mr. L.V. Boa[__]man

DATE: October 11, 1957

FROM: Mr. A.H. Belmont


On 10-9-57 the Bureau received a letter dated 10-8-57 from Richard F. Steves, organizational secretary, The Academy of Scientology, 1812 19th Street, Northwest, Washington 9, D.C. Steves states on Harvey Jackins is purporting himself as someone knowing the "Science" and doing this work in Seattle, Washington. Steves continues that Jackins has no association with this organization or any other Dianetic or Scientology organization, and it is the Academy's desire that Jackins be investigated as to communist activities.

The Academy of Scientology has not been the subject of investigation by the Bureau. It is operated by L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard has either operated or been connected with organizations pertaining to Scientology and Dianetic [sic] for a number of years. Dianetic [sic] has been described as a modern science of mental health, which may be likened to psychotherapy with certain differences as to method and theory. Scientology has been described as the modern scientific method for instilling self-confidence, assist individuals in removing mental problems and obtaining human ability.

Hubbard appeared at the Bureau and was interviewed on 3-1-51. He furnished information regarding alleged communist infiltration into one of his organizations. Thereafter, he corresponded with the Bureau concerning individuals in his organization whom he believed to be communists. Attached to a letter of Hubbard's dated 7-11-55 is a notation "make appears mental card' [BLACKED OUT]" This letter and subsequent letters have not been acknowledged. Numerous inquiries have been made of the Bureau concerning Hubbard's activities. (62-94080)

Bufiles contain no record of Steves other than reflecting his position as organizational secretary of The Academy of Scientology.

1 - Mr. Boardman
1 - Mr. Belmont
1 - Mr. Preusse

WNP:pw (4)

[page 2]

Memorandum to Mr. Boardman



In the past, letters from L. Ron Hubbard, who operates The Academy of Scientology, have not been acknowledged because of his possible mental instability and rambling and incoherent nature of his letters. Contents of Steves' letter reflect probably intent The Academy of Scientology to discredit Jackins in Dianetic and Scientology field and use the Bureau as a steppingstone in doing so. It is believed no purpose would be served by acknowledging Steves' letter. Furthermore, a letter in his possession might be used by him or The Academy of Scientology for self-serving purposes. As letter contains no significant information of value concerning Jackins, Seattle will not be advised of contents of letter.


It is recommended Steves' letter not be acknowledged for reasons set forth above.

1826 R St. NW
Washington, D.C.
July 11, 1955



SUBJECT Further information on attack on Hubbard Assn of Scientologists of Phoenix, Arizona

Ref. First report of last week.

Information has just been received here that one of the major contributing factors in the attack upon and collapse of the Hubbard Assn. of Scientologists in Phoenix Arizona was an accountant.

Named "Jerry" Rahn this accountant first came to the organization in March volunteering to assist in accounting and income tax matters. A tax return was given him for filing with the IRS. This tax return was then reported by the IRS as never having been filed and was then filed again by registered mail.

His presence insisted upon by Wm. Burke Belknap as Assn president, this Rahn proceeded, in the absence of the treasurer and without her permission, to delve into the books of the Assn. On the pretext that they were in serious error. He pretended to discover many omissions and cast a serious shadow on the organization directors except Balknap [sic]. Many rumors were started by this Rahn which had no foundation in fact.

Finally Rahn brought into the picture a Mr. Brewer reputed to be from the IRS. Before employees in several visits Mr. Brewer alleged that I, while a director, was actually engaged in some dark and underhanded activity and had used the organization as a blind and that I was in serious trouble with the IRS which, in consulting the main office, is apparently not the case, there being no reason for it.

Panicked by this Rahn and Brewer the organization directors, Belknap, and one Carol Hadley spent little time on their actual duties and spent some six weeks involving themselves with this Rahn and Brewer, which by reason of such inattention, cut the organization off from immediate income and stopped all outgoing correspondence and activity, quite sufficient in this case to destroy it which is what happened.

I have had to act to preserve what few assets and activities the organization had for with its local credit destroyed and without activity to its membership

[page 2]

its finances, already involved in the Humphrey suit collapsed.

As no reports were due to the government until October 10th, 1955 and as adequate time remained and is being used to make these reports, the introduction of a strange accountant against the wishes of the absent treasurer and the interjection of a supposed IRS agent - who may very well be an IRS agent in Phoenix - and the rumors and threats made by these men, it can be seen that this contributing factor was important.

The attack made by psychiatrists using evidently Communist connected personnel on the Elizabeth NJ Foundation in 1950 and 51 and the attack made on the Wichita Foundation in 1952 all ended on the same note of reports to IRS and much rumor concerning what the IRS would do. However, so far as anyone knows, the IRS itself took no real notice of the 1950, 51 and 52 attacks and when contacted by myself did not seem to know anything about the matter. The current attacks on these organizations however is known to the IRS for the IRS has mildly interviewed me concerning matters. However the panic caused by the wild accusations and insinuations of this Brewer, prompted evidently by Rahn (pronounced, I think, "Ran") are new and strange to my experience with the IRS.

However, the accountant at the Elizabeth N.J. Foundation in 1950 was continued in employment by one John Maloney and D.G. Purcell until mid-1951 when I, demanding better security and demanding a review of the books as Chairman of the Board, the post I occupied in 1951 with the Wichita Foundation, was refused. I insisted on, then, a lie detector check being made on personnel of whom I was not sure. One D.H. Rogers, an officer of the Elizabeth and the Wichita Foundation registered positive on Communist leanings. The registrar (a Cole Alyneck (Sp?)) refused the test and disappeared. The accountant whose service had extended over both Foundations became very nervous, refused the test and disappeared. His name is not now known to me.

Thus we have a continued parallelism in these attacks on Dianetics and Scientology in accountancy. Accountancy was a target in 1950, 1951 and 1955 by accountants strange to the organization or of suspicious circumstance. There might have been some parallelism in the public relations department if the organization now maintained one for the 1950 and 51 public relations man, Charles Leonard, registered positive on Communism in the police check

[page 3]

at Wichita in or around April of 1951, possibly May.

In 1952 and A.E. van Vogt, a writer from Canada naturalised in the US and living in Los Angeles and a heavy foe of Dianetics and Scientology for years although pretending to be involved with it and an associate of Gene Benton, Sara Hollister and others of stated Communistic leanings, made the statement in writing many times that the IRS was after me and the organization, a thing which a call to the IRS failed to disclose. Thus the pattern of reporting to the IRS or spreading rumors about the intention of the Internal Revenue Service has been continued and confirmed and is at this time evidently the contributing factor in ending the life of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists.

To the best of my recollection the accountant "Jerry" Rahn appeared in the organization about three days after the first despatch [sic] was sent to the Department of Defense, by wire, concerning a solution to brain washing. I can establish this more accurately when I obtain, if I can, possession of my files and accounts.

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard

Note: To the best of my knowledge and belief and having seen lately copies of its accounts and seeing to an audit of them at this time, there is nothing whatever in error about or suspicious about these accounts. They are the ordinary routine accounts of a business of the type the Association is engaged in. LRH


Box 242
Silver Spring, Md.
July 29, 1955

Communist Activities Division
Ref - my earlier correspondence.


Having gotten on a somewhat more even keel after the collapse of the organization in Phoenix, Arizona (the HASI) and having begun operation in the East with more public success and enthusiasm than I am used to, I have a better perspective on what occurred in Phoenix.

The attack on the HASI, like the attacks on the 1950 Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation found psychiatry and Communist connected personnel very much in evidence and both active with defamation and very unreasonable - and unsuccessful - attack.

But something has now occurred which seems strange at this juncture and entirely too pat. I have received from an unimpeachable source an invitation to go to Russia. I have been told that this would be as easy as taking a taxi to the airport.

But the oddity of this invitation is that the person extending it, evidently on behalf of the Russian government, would not know anything about the trouble in Phoenix. He obviously has no connection with anything or anyone in Phoenix. Further, he knows little or nothing of Dianetics and Scientology and their organizational history and would not know, by any usual means, what occurred in Phoenix. Out of the blue, on an acquaintance with me from many, many years ago he locates me here, is very quiet and casual and then gradually works into the Russian situation and finally, with a burst of enthusiasm confides in me that in view of the state of my organizations in the United States (about which he would really know nothing in fact) and in view of the fact that I "am a cinch to be ruined by all the people who hate me in Internal Revenue" there is "really nothing left for it but to accept this Russian offer."

[page 2]


In the greatest spirit of friendship and comeraderie [sic] it seems that I can go to Russia as an advisor or a consultant and have my own laboratories and receive very high fees. And it is all so easy because it has already been ascertained that I could get my passport extended for Russia and all I had to do was go to Paris and there a Russian plane would pick me up and that would be that.

Indeed I suppose that that would be that.

This is my third invitation to go to Russia. The first was extended to me by a member of Amtorg in New York in 1938 who knew of my work in the field of the mind. The second occurred less directly in 1948 after some personal difficulty. This third has come when the Phoenix organization has been collapsed and it would not be known that it did not influence my own affairs as much as it might be thought.

With this some of the personnel connected with the recent Phoenix trouble has now drifted into Washington. Shukrie Marinus, the girl connected with Jackins in Seattle has arrived here. Wm. Burke Belknap, although an officer in Phoenix seems either the effect of that activity or assisted it and is here, busy on the phone eight hours a day with local calls in an area where he has never lived. Carol Hadley Bryans, also an officer in Phoenix, has likewise arrived and is likewise busy on the phone but neither of these last two seem prone to do any work but are very busy spreading disquiet amongst the personnel connected with me here. Two young men, also strangely connected arrived here and were sent home by me quickly - Bernard McKnown and Jim Henry both formerly of Hollywood - they arrived anxious to discredit the better people in the organization. One Jack Horner has come here and has many rumors with which to upset Washington personnel - Horner will be recalled as the minister recently deported from England by the Home Secretary; I have just stopped Horner from further defiance of English law on behalf of his "fiance" in London and further discrediting of Scientology in the English papers.

In short I have my hands a little full but unless such people actually can stir up great trouble we will survive easily and well. I am trying to disperse them from the area.

I suppose when the Russian-inclined "friend" finds that

[page 3]


my desires to travel in and work in Russia do not exist, I can expect more violent measures.

I have not given you the name of this contact because he is a little too highly placed on the Hill and because it _may_ be that he is acting in an entirely friendly way and it _may_ be, as I sometimes learn, that the fate of Scientology and its adventures has good word of mouth. I would not submit you an irresponsible report which then might find me under the TV cameras telling one of this man's committees why I reported him as a Communist because I do not know that he is - I only know that he and his influence has been quite liberal and in all the smoke of the Summit he may be carried away with enthusiasm. But he _did_ know, when no possible reasonable way existed for him to know too much about the activities of a subject about which he professes to know nothing and he has made several allusions to my possible fate in the United States, rather benign threats.

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard


Box 242
Silver Spring, Md.
Sept. 7, 1955

Communist Activities


A series of sudden insanities and disturbances in Dianetic and Scientology groups reached seven last week on the West Coast.

In Atomic Energy's Richland, Washington a young boy who had never been treated with Dianetics or Scientology but whose father Verne mcAdams [sic] is the local Scientology group leader in Richland suddenly and mysteriously became insane, so suddenly and so thoroughly that the head of the institution for insane in Richland, evidently of good security, suspects the use of LSD, the insanity producing drug so favored by the APA. Two of our ministers in that area at my request went further into the situation and by means we will not detail recovered from the boy information of which his family had been entirely ignorant. On instructions to find the "other psychiatrist" our ministers by this means located an unsuspected one in Atomic Energy's front yard, a man who had been the construction company doctor during the building of Richland and who had then turned psychiatrist and whose name strangely enough is Menkowski (sp?). The boy had evidently had some association with this man before this sudden onset.

With this information not yet cool long distance from San Francisco Bay Area notified us of the sudden and inexplicable descent into insanity of one Wanda Collins. She is ravingly insane and yet was completely sane a day ago. Her people and our people cannot account for missing nine hour period just before this onset. You should be interested in this because Wanda Collins resigned from the Communist Party some time ago, foreswore it and tried to make amends with Scientology and would be a logical candidate for an LSD attack.

Concurrently with this in Phoenix, Arizona

[page 2]


our Mr. Edd Cark was suddenly arrested "for practicing medicine without a license", and this is very odd because he is the first Dianeticist or Scientologist in five years of world wide operation to be so accused. He could not have been practising medicine because Dianetics and Scientology seek only to assist able people to improve their talents and have no interest in sickness or insanity. He was arrested and without and search warrant all his papers and letters were seized even down to blank typewriter and were carried away, a fact which places this matter quite solidly in the field of the F.B.I. Mr. Clark is a half-blind deaf old man. He was once a chiropractor but has long since ceased to be one. He was told by the County Attorney that the County Attorney meant to "get to the bottom of this thing about Hubbard and Scientology."

The "bottom of the thing" can be found in "Who Knows and What" and "Who's Who in the East" in the local library or from bookstores which carry my books. My own life is about as hard to investigate as a white rock on a summer's day.

It is not uncommon in the past five years to have judges and attorneys mad-dogged at about what a terrible person I am and how foul is Scientology. Persons never named or available step in, spread violent tales and accusations and vanish. This mad-dogging has evidently been done at this County Attorney to prompt such a foolish action. This makes the third civil official in that area to off half-cocked about Scientology. When it is all done and Scientology has been neatly ruined by the newspapers in the area and when all the charges have been quashed there is no on from whom any recompense can be drawn. "It was all a mistake".

In 1950 the Dianetics Foundations were violently attacked and discredited. The 200 Foundation employees, when screened, yielded 35 Communist-connected persons. That done the commotion stopped. After three quiet years in the Phoenix area we forwarded to the Defense Department data on brain-washing. Instantly

[page 3]


we became the subject of violence. Four people were seized by psychiatrists in that area to date and to this day so far as I know are still being held, their sanity shattered.

After we so informed the Defense Department about brain-washing technologies in our hands and offered them, we have been in a state of siege. __Understand that we accuse the D.D. of nothing.__

Psychiatrists as far north as Seattle have said they were "out to get every Scientologist." An Internal Revenue official has used those very words before witnesses and said he was going to get to the bottom of this thing in Phoenix. People in suspicious condition were sent from one place in Southern California to be "treated by Scientology" for insanity and yet we have no interest in treating anyone, especially the insane. Now two more people go suddenly and inexplicably insane in widely different places both the same way. All manner of defamatory rumors have been scattered around about me, questioning even my sanity which is fortunately a matter of good record with the Navy as by statement "having no psychotic or neurotic symptoms whatsoever."

I have a wife and three little kids. I have a good many thousand people scattered around the world trying to help their fellow man and I am responsible for these people. I am trying to turn out some monographs on matters in my field of nuclear physics and psychology for submission to the government on the subject of alleviating some of the distress of radiation burns, a project I came east to complete. This lawless and brutal attack on Scientology now spreading evidently to three states will probably not end until a great deal of injustice and human suffering has occurred.

Would you please discover for me or for yourselves the exact names and whereabouts of the persons whose statements inflamed the County Attorney in Phoenix in arresting a half-blind old man and seizing all his books and papers. If we have those names and if we trace them back we will have someplace to start on this madness

[page 4]


which now reaches us into three states. Can you do this for us?

I am getting additional copies of the material which was offered to the Defense Department since that agency has not acknowledged or returned anything shipped to it about brain-washing and when I have these copies I will send one to you for this is the only starting place I know about for this outbreak and the matter, while far from conclusive at least tells me that something went astray which was dangerous in the wrong hands.

Could you please have your Phoenix office obtain the names of the people who defamed us to the County Attorney? Your Bay Area and Richland offices have already been apprised of the incidents in those areas.

[signed] L
L. Ron Hubbard

The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International
(Incorporated in the State of Arizona, U.S.A. and registered in England)

16th December, 1955.

Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Constitution Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C.


We are enclosing our printing of what appears to be a Communist manual on Psychopolitics.

This was compiled from Communist sources for use of our research department and people.

It may that we will also use this in anti-Communist campaigns.

As there is evidently a copy of Psychopolitics in full view in the Library of Congress, you evidently do not classify this subject..

We have been seriously hurt by Communists and Communism and we see nothing wrong in our using their tactics against them.

Should you run into this manual on how to brainwash people you will now be able to recognize it as printed and distributed by an anti-Communist group for their research.

Yours very truly,

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard



Resident in Great Britain authorised to accept service of processes and notices: GEO. WINCHELOW, 20 CHEPSTOW VILLAS, LONDON W.2

SAC, Jacksonville 12-4-63

Director, FBI


Reurairtel 11-26-63.

Bufiles contain considerable information regarding Lafayette Ron Hubbard. This individual founded the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Incorporated (HDRF), in New Jersey in 1950. This organization was concerned with the treatment of psychosomatic illnesses through "dianetic therapy," which was allegedly a system of healing involving no drugs or surgery.

In 1951, the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners filed charges against HDRF for teaching a branch of medicine without a license. Hubbard subsequently moved HDRF to Wichita, Kansas, and in 1952, formed the Hubbard Association of Scientologists in Arizona. Thereafter, he established offices of this Association in New Jersey and London, England. Hubbard claims that "scientology" is a new science which instills confidence in individuals and assists them in removing mental problems and bolstering their capabilities.

The 4-24-51, issue of the "Washington Times Herald" contained an article indicating that Hubbard's wife, in suing him for divorce in Los Angeles, had claimed he was "hopelessly insane" and had subjected her to "scientific torture experiments." According to this article, "competent medical advisors recommended that Hubbard be committed to a private sanitarium for psychiatric observation and treatment of a mental ailment known as paranoid schizophrenia."

In January, 1963, the Food and Drug Administration directed a raid against the Academy of Scientology at 1812 19th Street, Northwest, Washington, in which machines used by the Academy in the practice of scientology were seized. It was alleged that these machines, known as "Hubbard Electrometers," were falsely advertised as being effective in diagnosing and treating various types of illnesses.

Hubbard has corresponded with the Bureau on several occasions for various reasons, including complaints against his wife and about alleged communists. We have not conducted an investigation of him or his organizations.

See NOTE on Page 2


[page 2]

Letter to SAC, Jacksonville

In the event [BLACKED OUT] recontacts the Ocala, Florida Resident Agency, concerning this matter, he should be advised that we cannot assist him as Bureau files are confidential. [REMAINDER OF PARAGRAPH BLACKED OUT[]

NOTE: Jacksonville requested that background data concerning Hubbard and the Scientology Academy be furnished that Office and that they be advised as to whether this information could be furnished to [BLACKED OUT] since it was anticipated he would recontact that Office.

- 2 -

The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc.
275 Morris Avenue
P.O. Box 502, Elizabeth, N.J.
Elizabeth 3-2[?]51

Office of the President

March 3,1951

Attn: Mr. Parrish.


The following is a list of Communist Party members of suspects in our organization.

LEO WEST: In charge Chicago office. Known.

DAVE VROOMAN: Employee our Chicago office. Suspect.

ROSS LAMEREAUX: " " " " ".

SARA NORTHRUP (HUBBARD), formerly of 1003 S. Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, Calif. 25 yrs. of age, 5'10", 140 lbs. Currently missing somewhere in California. Suspected only. Had been friendly with many Communists. Currently intimate with them but evidently under coercion. Drug addiction set in fall 1950. Nothing of this known to me until a few weeks ago. Separation papers being filed and divorce applied for.

MILES HOLLISTER: Somewhere in vicinity of Los Angeles Evidently a prime mover but very young. About 22 y 6'. 180 lbs. Black hair. Sharp chin, broad forehead, rather Slavic. Confessedly a member of the Young Communists. Center of most turbulenc[?] in our organization. Dissmissed [sic] in February when affiliations discovered. Active and dangerous. Commonly armed. Outspokenly disloyal to the U.S..

GENE BENTON: Somewhere in Los Angeles. Permitted to resign when discovered to be a member of the Young Communists. Center of much turbulence in organization. Was living at Deane Apts. on North Carondelet. May still be there. Squat, beefy, about 5'8", about 30. Possibly a member of the Lincoln Brigade but not very probable. Right name, Weinberger.

PEGGY BENTON: Member Young Communists by statement. 28 yrs. old, wife of Gene Benton.

LYN HITE: Friend of Bentons and Hollister. Suspected 840 N. Western, Los Angeles, Hempstead 1316. Very intimate with none but Communists or suspects.

HENRY HUNTER: Mathematician from Berkeley. One arm. Left arm severed at shoulder. Supposed to have ha[?] trouble with government before. About 28 yrs. Blond hair. Blue-grey eyes. Suspected only.

MARGE HUNTER: Wife of Henry. States she is a

[small type along the bottom of page: NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - WASHINGTON, D.C. - CHICAGO, ILL. - LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - HONOLULU, T.H.]

[page 2]

SUSAN ISAACSOON: New York office of Foundation. Suspect. Cont. M.Hunter) Trotskite. [sic] Living with Hunter somewhere in Los Angeles. Still to be found around LA Dianetic Foundation even though ejected.

ROGER STARR: About 20 yrs. Small, good looking boy. Intimate of Miles Hollister, probably a dupe. Suspected only. HAL MOON: The orders of this man are implicitly obeyed by these other Los Angeles people. Was once employed by the Foundation. About 6'1", black hair, tall and pompous. Advertisdely [sic] a practicing minister of the gospel at Monte Bello, California. Intimate with these others. Cause of much trouble in Foundation. Shows considerable leadership. No other data.

RICHARD HALPERN: New York office of Foundation, 55 East 82nd St. A trustee of the NY Corp.. Only very faintly suspected due to small objections to our having loyalty oaths.

[HANS crossed out, Haljmar handwritten] RUTZEBAK: Sunland, California. Intimate of the Bentons. Highly liberal but not otherwise known to have any Communist connections. Once employed by the government for forming cooperatives.

All but Starr, Moon and Rutzebak have been reported to field offices.

At the last session of the board of Trustees, Mar. 2, 1951, a motion was made and passed that everyone employed by the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundations everywhere should be requested to sign a strong oath of loyalty to the U.S. government, a denial of Communism and that their fingerprints be taken and forwarded to the F.B.I. The operation of preparing and signing the oaths and fingerprinting all employees is now being undertaken and the results will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington as soon as these are completed. It may take some weeks to complete this task but the documents, as completed, will be sent in.

The Foundation has assumed a highly punitive stand on Communism. I shall shortly be in Washington to go over this matter with the government.

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard

Mar. 3, 1951

Attn: R.J.Wilson.


Supplementing data already furnished to you, the following two names are enclosed as part of the list.

DAVE VROOMAN. Came into organization with Miles Hollister. Highly recommended by Hollister, who is apparently a member of the Young Communists. Vrooman has caused some trouble in the organization. The only reason to suspect Vrooman is that he is an intimate friend of Hollister's and takes Hollister's orders. Vrooman is employed by the Chicago Foundation Office. He is about twenty-three, plump, about 5'5" or more, black hair. Seldom wears a coat.

ROSS LAMEREAUX. Employee at Chicago. A doctor of philosophy, according to his statement. Takes orders from Hollister and is highly recommended by Hollister. Nothing else is known about this man.

If anything is going to be done about these people at Chicago, it had better be done soon. At the board of trustees meeting last Saturday, I requested a motion to the effect that eveyone in the Foundation be required to take a strong loyalty oath to the U.S. and that the fingerprints of everyone employed be taken and, with a copy of the oath, be sent to the F.B.I.. Some objection was made by Richard Halpern, a trustee from New York City, and a great deal of objection was made by Leo West of Chicago. It is my belief that we are going to see a blow-up in the Chicago office and an attempt to withdraw from the Foundation. Evidently employment of C.P. members could have been an action of West. The oath and fingerprint motion was passed and will be a completed project shortly.

L. Ron Hubbard

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