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Ron The Dope Fiend

If you have ever read Scientology® "scripture" and ever wondered if Hubbard was high on drugs when he wrote it, the answer is: PROBABLY! Hubbard wrote that human beings are infested with the spirits of murdered space aliens, and that only Scientology®'s "science" can remove them. His book "Dianetics®" appears to have been written while he was doped up on cocaine: much of it involves his abortion fantasies and hatred of women. Hubbard also took large quantities of steroids and testosterone to help him overcome his lack of libido and his impotency. He also wrote to the Veteran's Administration just after World War Two that he was taking an anti-depressant.

[...] Ron Jr. states in a sworn affidavit:

'I have personal knowledge that my father regularly used illegal drugs including amphetamines, barbituates and hallucinogens. He regularly used cocaine, peyote, and mescaline.

According to statements made by attorney Michael Flynn, Hubbard, until at least February of 1980, filled out fraudulent 'doctor's' prescriptions for a large array of medical drugs for himself.

Sara Hubbard explained that Hubbard was 'self-medicated,' but that during the five years they were married, she knew of no instances when he used 'street drugs'.

Armstrong told me, among other things, of a letter from Hubbard to his third wife Mary Sue when Hubbard was in Las Palmas during 1967 at the inception of the Sea Org. This letter is now in the custody of the court. In it Hubbard tells his wife: 'I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.'

John McMasters told me that on the flagship Apollo in the late sixties, he witnessed Hubbard's drug supply. 'It was the largest drug chest I had ever seen. He had everything!'

It was shown in the Armstrong trial in Los Angeles in 1984 that Hubbard even had blank prescription slips from the U.S. Navy, one of which had a prescription for phenobarbital (a barbituate and hypnotic) written in Hubbard's handwriting.

Also, in the Armstrong trial where the "Affirmations" [handwritten essays by Hubbard] were introduced, a letter by Hubbard to his first wife was revealed, the last sentence of which declared: 'I do love you, even if I used to be an opium addict.'

-- Bent Corydon (former Mission owner) in his book "Messiah or Madman?"

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