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Hubbard's Academic Records 1930-1932

L. Ron Hubbard claimed to be many things: a scientist; a nuclear physicist; an explorer; a "blood brother" to the "Blackfoot 'Indians'" (who have no such concept) in Montana; and an adviser to the United States President, just to name a tiny few of the huge number of lies he told. None of his claims were true. In reality, he was a faceless, incompetent no-body who lacked all sense of self-responsibility. He was uneducated and ignorant, and he preferred living in his own make-believe fantasy land. Below is a copy of his college grades which he "achieved" at George Washington University, School of Engineering before he droped out.

Hubbard's Academic Records 1930-1932
George Washington University,
School of Engineering
1st semester 1930-31
English 1 / 2 , Rhetoric C
General Chemistry D
Mechanical Engineering 3/4 B
Analytical Geometry F
Physical Education C
First Year German E
Civil Engineering B
2nd semester 1930-1931
General chemistry D
Mechanical Engineering C
Physical Education A
First Year German F
Differential Calculus F
1st semester 1931-1932
Physics, Dynamics of Sound and Sight E
Differential Calculus D
Plane Analytical Geometry D
English, Short Stories B
2nd semester 1931-1932
Integral Calculus D
English, Short Stories B
Physics, Electricity and Magnetism D
Nuclear Physics F
Hubbard dropped out of George Washington University, never attaining a degree or an education.

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