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The "clearing house" for factual information about the raving, lying, lunatic sociopath who fabricated Scientology® and Dianetics®.

Welcome to Ron The NUT --- your one-stop source for data regarding Scientology's® insane fabricator, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. [this is a mirror of the site]

Considerable effort went into this collection of court affidavits, deposition transcripts, declarations, Navy records, newspaper articles, court findings, et al. however there's no guarentee that all of the information so acquired is either complete or accurate. If you find that there are inaccuracies in any of the information provided, please Contact me here with details and I will perform the research needed to confirm and correct the information.

"I would say that 99 per cent of what my father has written about his own life is false." --- L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

The biography of L. Ron Hubbard shows a man who was incapable of telling the truth: a pathological liar who hated and despise humanity; a sociopath caught between the conflicting desires to earn the admiration of humanity, and his desire to inflict great pain and misery upon those who ignored him and refused him his self-perceived due measure of honor and reverie (which was and is 99.999% of his fellow human beings).

As such, Mister Hubbard was constantly trying to purchase glory and recognition when he had the funds to make the attempt, or stole that recognition by lying and deceiving when money wasn't enough. Mister Hubbard was driven by greed and megalomania. He was a devout racist who wrote in praise of South African Apartheid; he was a crazed misogynist who insisted women were inferior intellectually--- later in life his venereal disease (caught from a whore while on leave from the Navy) instilled within him a fear and dread of womankind that expressed itself in insanity and impotency.

The life of Hubbard was that of one long series of pathetic failures, punctuated with a few greed-driven successes once he developed what he called "The religion angle" for the worthless "self-help" sham he fabricated called "Dianetics® / Scientology®."

Hubbard was a petty thief; a wife beater; and sociopath; a drug-addicted, rum besotted schizophrenic who once begged the United States government for psychiatric help but was ignored, to the detriment of his many victims. One FBI agent wrote of Hubbard, "appears mental," which is a short and accurate summation of Mr. Hubbard.

This web site is dedicated with compassion, kindness, and sympathy to all Scientologists throughout the world--- may the truth within these pages set you on the true path to freedom. -- David M. Rice

Ron The Psych Patient The letter L. Ron Hubbard wrote to the Veteran's Administration begging for psychiatric help.
Ron The Petty Thief L. Ron Hubbard pleaded guilty to petty theft. Here are images of three official law enforcement documents.
Ron the Commie Fighter Ever wonder why an agent of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wrote the words "appears mental" on Hubbard's folder at the Bureau? Letters Hubbard sent to the FBI concerning "Comunists" appear to have been early examples of Fair Game against Scientologists and "Dianeticists" who fled Hubbard's business to start their own: i.e., people whom Hubbard considered business competitors. (See also Appears Mental for an extract from Bare-Faced Messiah.);
Ron the Nuclear Physicist Probably one of the funniest claims ever made by the madman is his claim of being a "nuclear physicist." Hubbard took one semester of nuclear physics, and received an "F" grade.
Ron the Conspiracy Lunatic In the late 1940s at least two experts diagnosed L. R. Hubbard as paranoid schizophrenic. After that time, more and more people who worked for Hubbard observed him getting worse as the years passed.
Ron the Wife Beater Rather than grant his second wife (in his bigamous marrage) a divorce, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard decided to drive her to suicide. Due to Hubbard's torture of Sara, medical doctors suggested to Hubbard (via the divorce court) that he stay at a private sanitarium for psychiatric observation and treatment for paranoid schizophrenia. This may be the genesis of Hubbard's insane fear and hatred of the psychiatric professions.
Ron the Cosmologist Did you know that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard often traveled to the planet Venus, and was nearly run down by a train (locomotive) on one such visit? No, really! And guess what--- so have you! (Also see the exact quote from L. Ron Hubbard available here.)
"Scientology® has no religious beliefs. It's just a way to keep from being sued for selling a piece of blue sky." --- arnie lerma
Ron the Limp What-Else Lafayette Ronald Hubbard wrote a series of diary entries and self-hypnotic affirmations that show him to have been a deeply troubled, mentally ill man who could not stop himself from masturbating, and who desperately needed to believe that women did not find him repulsive.
Ron Pays For It Much of Hubbard's life revolved around his sexual problems. These problems may have occured because of his drug abuse, or the psychological damage he did to himself through his dabbling on "black magick."
Ron the Naval Hero Lafayette Ronald Hubbard saw only two battles during his entire career in the United States Navy: the first battle was against a magnetic anomaly off the coast of Oregon which has been there for millions of years; the second battle was when he declared war against Mexico.
Ron the Veteran Since Hubbard was a very poor science fiction writer, he could not make a living as an author. So he decided to defraud the USA Government.
Ron the Genius While Hubbard claimed vast knowledge and a Doctorate or two, Hubbard dropped out of George Washington University, never attaining a degree or an education. Records show he was a "D" student at best.
Ron the Scientist Comparing Hubbard's methodology to that of real scientists.
Ron the Nobel Prize Winner Well, okay--- not the Nobel Prize: he "won" the (ig)Nobel Prize, for that psuedo-science bullshit tomb he called "Dianetics.®"
"If you are an ethical person, you cannot be a member of the 'Church' of Scientology. That's just a flat-out fact." -- Peter Alexander, OT VII
Ron the Jailbird Lafayette Ronald Hubbard was convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of ff35,000.
Ron the Adulterer While Hubbard was running around with "pseudo-Satanists," his wife and children were left to fend for themselves.
Ron the Humanitarian "I don't care if Elaine Wright is going to commit suicide or not, but get her off of my land before she does." --- Lafayette Ronald Hubbard
Ron the Dope Fiend "I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys." --- L.R. Hubbard 1967, in a letter to his wife.
Ron the Anti-Christ There is no compatibility between Scientology® and Christianity. As a belief system based on Satanic principles, Scientology® is diametrically opposed to Christianity. The truth is that you cannot be both a Christian and a Scientologist.
Ron the World's Savior The majority of Scientologists are good, decent, kind, compassionate, caring, sympathetic, liberal human beings (that is, they are just like the majority of non-Scientologists).
"Scientology®, the organisation, is primarily a fraudulent financial scheme with elements of organised crime, plus a small sprinkling of religious ideas thrown in to deter prosecution. Concentrating on the least important of the three aspects is disproportionate and perverse." -- David Bird
Ron the Doped Corpse L.R. Hubbard was taking a "psych drug" when he died. This is not unusual in itself, since bitter old men often go psychotic when dying. What earns the fact a place on this web site is that Scientology® Inc. has an insane fear and loathing of the mental health profession and "psych drugs." Witnesses testified that Hubbard died a raving lunatic.
Ron the Court's Favorate "[Scientology®] clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements." -- Judge Paul G. Breckenridge, Jr.
Ron the Bigamist Hubbard married Sara Northrup while he was still married to Margaret (Ochs) Grubb. Northrup was Jack Parsons' girlfriend. Jack Parsons was a Black Magician who participated in "sex magick" with Hubbard. Ms. Northrupt later was very sorry she married Hubbard, as he constantly tortured and beat her.
Ron the Medical Expert Lafayette Ronald Hubbard's medical breakthough discovery: smoking tobacco prevents lung cancer!
Ron the Nazi Spy Fighter Hubbard had an argument with a hotel staff member, so he slandered the staff member in a letter to the FBI, calling the staff member a "Nazi." Hubbard would latter do the same thing to his vast number of other self-made "enemies," only he called them "Communists."
Ron the Submarine Slayer Other than waging war against Mexico (for which he was finally releaved of command), the only "combat" Lafayette Ronald Hubbard saw was when he attacked two imaginary "Jap subs" off the coast of Oregon. What he actually attacked was a magnetic ore deposit on the ocea floor, that had been there for millions of years--- and it's still there.
Ron the Science Guru Lafayette Ronald Hubbard claimed that Dianetics® was a "science," and that he had "researched" the book for decades before writing it. Neither claim is true. The book's "case studies" were made up by Hubbard over the span of a few weeks--- all the results of Hubbard's imagination. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard insisted that Scientology® is a "science" and not a religion.
"Those who gathered to find out about the copyright infringement dispute found out shortly that Scientology® wasn't just a wacky cult, but a vicious and criminal totalitarian organization posing as a church despite having the ethics of a shark and the level of spirituality usually associated with a crack cocaine dealer." --- ptsc
Ron the Crime Family Father Here is just one example out of thousands of crimes committed by and for the Scientology organization. This web page contains a few hypertext links to other articles about the criminal nature of the Scientology organization.
Ron the Nazi Lover This is an excellent essay written by Ms. Kim Baker.
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