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Ron The Nazi Spy Fighter

Source material is from "The LRH Papers," which may be found in full via this link. Hubbard's letter below appears to be the first instance of his using the "Fair Game Doctrine" against his self-made "enemies---" a practice he used and refined for the rest of his life. For his "Communist" exploits, see the "Commie Fighter" web page.
In 1940, L. Ron Hubbard was living a hand-to-mouth existence in New York City, writing penny-a-word pulp fiction stories. Whilst there, he apparently had an argument with a steward in the hotel at which he was staying. He promptly got revenge by denouncing to the FBI the unfortunate man, who was of German descent, as being "a menace to the state". This was, it seems, the first contact he had had with the FBI and began what became a long tradition for him of denouncing to the authorities those he disliked. It also emphasised his Germanophobia, a trait which he never lost (and which is still visible today in the Church of Scientology's campaign against the Federal Republic). Needless to say, the allegation was patently baseless and the FBI took no action.

243 Riverside Drive
New York City
May 16, 1940

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.


May I bring to your attention an individual whose Nazi activities, in time of national emergency if not at present, might constitute him a menace to the state?

The name is [CENSORED] a German whose sister is a member of the Gestapo in Germany. His anti-American discourses concern in the main what he would do in case we went to war with Germany, and he never speaks for publication along this line but only privately. As steward of the [CENSORED] he supports an almost entirely German staff, discouraging the employment of Americans. He entered this country illegally, according to his private statement. In my opinion he is definitely "fifth column". He can be found at the [CENSORED] [CENSORED] in NYC.

My interest in this is impersonal, though possibly shaded by the feeling of dislike which he always inspires in me for he is the last man in the world I would trust. And I fear that all too soon we will have need of every precaution to safeguard our country.



L. Ron Hubbard

The .GIF file of the FBI's reply.
65-3115-1 [?]

May 24, 1940

Mr. L. Ron Hubbard
243 Riverside Drive
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Hubbard,

I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 16, 1940, for which I am most appreciative.

I am referring this matter to Mr. P.E. Foxworth, Special Agent in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Department of Justice, 607 W. S. Court House, Foley Square, New York, New York, who will have an Agent of that Office call upon you in the near future to determine whether the information in your possession indicates the violation of a Federal Statute coming within the investigative jurisdiction of this Bureau.

Very truly yours,

John Edgar Hoover,

CC - New York (with copy of incoming)

The .GIF file of the FBI's report, Page 1.

Subject reported steward at [CENSORED] [CENSORED] and to have sympathies with the Nazi cause. His sister is alleged to be a member of the Gestapo in Germany. Efforts to locate the informant unsuccess- ful. Subject has no credit rating NYC.

- C -



This investigation is based upon a letter received at the Bureau from L. RON HUBBARD dated May 16, 1940 which sets out that [CENSORED] is a German whose sister is a member of the Gestapo in Germany and that in times of national emergency he might constitute a menace to this country.

Subject is reported to be anti-American in his dis- courses which are not for publication but among friends in private. He is a steward at the [CENSORED] [CENSORED] New York City, and said hotel is reported to support an almost entirely Germany staff. Subject was reported to have entered the country illegally and in the opinion of the informant, he is definitely "fifth column."

The .GIF file of the FBI's report, Page 2.

An effort was made to locate the informant at 243 Riverside Drive, the address which appears at the top of the communication he forwarded to the Bureau. It was learned at the said address that informant moved out on or about June 1, 1940, stating he was moving to Washington, D.C. He left no forwarding address and it was further learned that the mail carrier had no forwarding address. When inquiry was made at the apartment house located at 243 Riverside Drive if there had been any other address whereby informant might be reached, it was learned that the informant was a writer but there was no indication as to his employer or his address.

[PARAGRAPH CENSORED] No effort was made to conduct investigation in the vicinity of the [CENSORED] as subject would be immediately apprized of such investigation.

In view of the indefinite nature of the complaint and the inability to locate the informant in this case, this case is being closed.

- C L O S E D -

- 2 -

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