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Ron The Nuclear Physicist

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard started calling himself "Doctor Hubbard" and claimed he was a "nuclear physicist." However, his silly book "All About Radiation" is proof positive that Hubbard knew nothing about the subject. For the definitive essay on Hubbard's claim, see the essay Hysterical Radiation and Bogus Science written by Chris Owen. "Doctor" Hubbard [pardon me while I roll on the floor with laughter] claimed on the cover of this book that he was both a "Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor:" both claims he often made and denied, depending on who his audience was. Obviously, he was not a doctor, nor a psysicist. He flunked out of college and was uneducated. (His grade average was a "D.") Below are a tiny few number of examples of the false claims Hubbard and the Scientology organization has made about him being a "nuclear physicist."

The Claims of Hubbard to be a Nuclear Physicist FAQ
FAQ By W.C. Barwell October 22, 1997

All though Hubbard was [expelled] from George Washington University for failing grades after only four semesters, it did not stop him from repeatedly lying that he was a "nuclear physicist." He was proud of the fact that he was supposedly a student in the alledgedly first class in nuclear physics (he received an "F") in an American University, although he flunked all science and math courses he ever took. Here is a collection of Hubbard's claims to have been a nuclear physicist.

This listing is almost certainly not exhaustive.

"I happen to be a nuclear physicist; I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist nor a medical doctor."


"To some degree, it was my responsibility that this world got itself an atom bomb, because there were only a handful of nuclear physicists in the thirties - only a handful. And we were all beating the desk and saying "How wonderful it will be if we discover atomic fission," because we decided that the thing to do with atomic fission was to go out and discover the stars, to make big passenger liners that would go ten times around the world on the same fuel. This was what we endeavoured to do with atomic fission. The government stepped in and gave us three billion dollars. I had nothing to do with that program; I would *not* have had anything to do with the program. Three billion dollars to destroy all of man."

Quoted from Dianetics: The Modern Miracle, February 6, 1952.

Also found transcribed in the "Research and Discovery" series, Old Tech volumes, Vol. 3 page 470 and New Tech Volumes. Vol. 5 page 143

"For hundreds of years physical scientists have been seeking to apply the exact knowledge of the physical universe they had gained to Man and his problems.

"Newton, Sir James Jeans, Einstein, have all sought to find the exact laws of human behavior in order to help mankind.

"Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, C.E., Ph.D., a nuclear physicist, Scientology has demonstrably achieved this long-sought goal. Doctor Hubbard, educated in advanced physics and higher mathematics and also a student of Sigmund Freud and others, began his present researches thirty years ago at George Washington University. The dramatic result has been Scientology... It is the science of the Man, the Woman, and the Child in the street. It belongs to us, the people, not to any vested interest on earth.

Quoted in What Is Scientology?
We are in such a period today. A period artificially imposed. I don't suppose there is any individual any place who wants actively to impose a tyrany on the United States.

These boys, who do this today merely want gain for themselves. They say it would be very nice and I would be very safe, if. You now. If I could supress certain opinions being spoken.

If I could do this... They nibble away just a little bit you see, and then one fine day you find a whole sphere of knowledge partioned off for some good adequate reasonable reason. What is this sphere of knowledge? Well it's science. But you say, we're supposed to have science, that's progress. All of a sudden they see an electronics engineer, and they say, 'you know, you're supposed to be over there, behind that barbed wire over there. Well the electronic engineers of the country have not yet noticed They are inside barbed wire. They are! But they go backwards and forwards past armed guards to get to and from work. I wouldn't work under these conditions!

A fellow offered me a job one time. He said, all you have to do walk in here, leave your gun at the gate, walk in here, and you're supposed to walk around for eight hours a day, and do so and so and so and so. And I said where, and he said in that enclosure over there. And I said what's the difference between that and a prison camp? Ohh! He said, that's nonsense. You get paid in there.

That was the first and only time the goverment offered me a post as nuclear physicist. That was the end of that.

The uh, government offered that post. They tried to kidnap me on another one by the way. They said, you're still in the reserves, and we can call you back to active duty on research in the field of mind. You are still in the service, the admiral said, ha ha!

L. Ron Hubbard
Creating A New Civilization Tape Series
Tape A Postulate Out Of A Gloden Age
December 6 1956
"The HASI and all its concerns is founded on the work of one man, L. Ron Hubbard, engineer, explorer, nuclear physicist and writer. Holding in his mind a knowledge of Eastern thought gained in his travels, his instruction in psychology from a medical doctor who has studied personally under Sigmund Freud, and his training in mathematics and nuclear physics, L. Ron Hubbard found himself convalescing in hospital towards the end of the second world war, after a distinguished career in the United States Navy."
HCOB 26 May 1959
"Therefore, I am a little bit angry with psychology because I walked onto the stage as a nuclear physicist in 1932 wanting to know something about the mind."

"And here were some of the largest and best endowed departments of the greatest universities of the world, pretending they knew something about the mind, knowing nothing. Knowing nothing but their own shallow pomposity, to be very, very brutal. Little men with big heads. They caused me more trouble than I care to be caused. Simply because I asked this single solitary problem: 'What is the smallest energy unit?' Well, this was remarkable. What business does a nuclear physicist have, in the first place, investigating in the field of psychology? Obviously that should be investigated. Somebody should have observed something. And he sits down at a laboratory bench and he looks over the problem and he says, 'Well, now, let's see. Pictures? Let's see if these fellows around here... Say Joe, when you think of something, do you see a picture?'"

UNIVERSES (5th ACC) file 8/30 (tape 8):

Transcript of Taped Lecture by L. Ron Hubbard

5ACC-7 - 5404C07

Number 8 of "Universes and the War between Theta and Mest" cassettes.


A lecture give on 7 April 1954

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