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Ron the World's Savior

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard knew the secret that all tyrants throughout history discovered: good, decent people who wish to help their fellow human beings are easy prey to madmen and charlatans. When good people are convinced that their actions further a just cause, they can commit horror by day and sleep well by night. When a person has an unhealthy (neurotic) need to help all of humanity, that person will be easy to twist and reshape into a tool for evil. Evil therefore does its worse damage when it appears to be good: ask any terrorist (of any political or religious persuasion) in Ireland why he planted the bomb and blew up children, and he will tell you it was for a good, just, Godly cause. So, too, do the staff members of Scientology® believe they are working for the good of humanity. They are therefore more to be pittied than blamed, as they are victims of Scientology® management and thier long-dead madman messiah L. R. Hubbard.

This was printed in Scientology®'s propaganda magzine "Source," number 132. It was also printed on Scientology® Christmas cards for the year 2000, even though Scientology® "scripture" insists there was no Christ.
"The Spirit of Christmas lives with us. We are the protectors of the real tradition of Christmas - peace on Earth and Goodwill to all. We are the hope of Man - the only hope. Mankind's salvation lies within our hands." --- L. R. Hubbard
Since the "Sprit of Christmas" is usually thought to be that Jesus Christ was / is the one and only salvation of Mankind, Hubbard was contradicting himself.
From a picket on July 26 2000
[Scientologist, to Grady Ward, caught on video] "Are you doing Stacey too or is that just Bob?" [...] "You have taken your eternity and you've crushed it down to nothing. And when you find that out, you'll hang {hate?} yourself!"
Many Scientologists really do believe that if one speaks badly about Scientology, one has thrown away one's only chance at escaping this prison planet (Earth) and that one will be stuck here for "trillions of years."
From Warrior: Scientology lied to me over and over for years

I know it does sound incredible. I joined the Sea Org in November 1975 and left for good in September 1983. I had tried to leave in 1977, but was told by the SuperCargo (Alan Prager) at the time that I was an SP for wanting to leave. The Personnel Enhancement Officer, Peggy Peden, told me I was psychotic. Many other staff told me that if I left the Sea Org I would "pull in a horrible death", that "You *KNOW* that the SO is *THE* only valid game in the universe", that I would be condemned to an eternity of suffering, pain and unconsciousness if I "stepped off the road to truth", etc.


Hubbard claimed to have been the only human in the last 76,000,000 years to discover why we are on Earth and why we get sick. We therefore owe our "eternities" to Hubbard, as only through his selfless bravery have we been shown the way off this prison planet.
[S]hortly after Hubbard made the legendary discovery of the Mystery of OT III while he was aboard ship, he made an audio recording of his experience and it was called "Ron's Journal". Copies were made and distributed to every Scientology® organization in the world. The airing of "Ron's Journal" was a special event for all staff members.

Ron's Journal gave an account of how he single-handedly managed to traverse the "Wall of Fire" on OT III, nearly losing his life. The "Only One" who managed to do it and come out alive in the last 76 million years.

OT III is Hubbard's explanation for why were are here: 75 million years ago the galactic tyrant Xenu (or Xemu) brought billions of space aliens here in space ships (that looked like DC-8 aircraft), murdered them here, and then trapped their souls with electronic devices so that they would forget who they are. These souls are taken to "implant stations" on Mars or Venus and shown movies to confuse them; they are then frozen, taken to Earth, and droped as an ice cube into the ocean. When the ice cube melts, the soul goes and finds a body to infest. A human can have millions of these souls--- called "body thetans." Only Scientology® (i.e., $$$,$$$.$$) can remove these body thetans.


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