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The FBI Files

FBI files on Religious Technology Center (RTC)

Welcome to The FBI Files, an archive of declassified documents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation relating to the Church of Scientology Religious Technology Center (RTC).

  1. These records, released in August 2020, are what the FBI provided initially in response to a request for records on Religious Technology Center.

1996-05-30 Bomb threat
1994-12-20 Threatening letters to RTC
1995-04-03 Letters to RTC
1996-09-26 From Portland FBI, possible civil rights violation
1997-12-19 Complaint form
1995-01-04 Investigation of CoS in Germany
2012-01-20 Laboratory samples note
2007-06-22 Incident report
2007-03-20 Cyber/Internet threat
2009-03-02 Source from which Property Aquired
2009-03-02 1A: Envelope
2009-02-20 Powder letter sent to CoS
1978-08-18 CoS demonstration outside federal buildings
2009-11-03 Complaint form, hacking of CoS website
2008-02-22 Bomb threat investigation
2002-09-03 Opening grand jury subfile
2006-03-29 Wrong case file number
2008-03-25 White powder letter sent to CoS
2008-02-28 Interview of board of directors of CoS San Diego
2008-02-29 White powder evidence sheet
2008-02-19 Interview notes
2005-09-20 E-mail death threats
2002-07-02 Threat against CoS
2008-03-12 Grand jury subpena
2007-05-10 Subpoena submitted
2005-09-26 Email death threat
2006-01-12 Grand jury subpoena
2000-02-21 MP3.com file complaint
2002-08-20 Email threat agains CoS
2005-03-29 DOS attack on www.scientology.org
2006-01-12 Email bomb threat
2008-02-22 White powder letter
2008-03-25 White powder letter
2008-02-08 "Anonymous" representative

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