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You have now entered the library of the inner most secret scriptures of the "Church" of Scientology. From November 7th 1996 and over a period of 6 months I, with the help from many friends on the 'Net, managed to keep most of these files on the World Wide Web 24 hours each day. We, and most ISP's in Norway, got our share of threats from the the lawyers representing Religious Technology Center (RTC) in USA. They have not dared to sue anybody in Norway, even though they have or have had lawsuits going in Sweden and America over the same material. RTC claim to hold the copyright for most of what the founder of Dianetics and Scientology wrote. They even claim some of it are trade secrets and made the name of their "religion" into a trademark!

I know a lot of addresses on the 'Net where all of these files are right now, but I've stopped making it easy for RTC and their puppet lawyer, Helena K. Kobrin. From now on I only change these links to real mirrors once now and again, just to keep the Scientologists from OSA busy monitoring this site.

Please read the Operation Clambake Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this and how to obtain the the information listed if any links are dead.

  • OT Levels
    This page is dedicated to the analysis and criticism of what Scientologists must consider to be the most significant document in the history of the human race: L Ron Hubbard's "Operating Thetan Levels". Copies of the handwritten OT Levels I and III is available on request for journalists and researchers.
  • The Flag NOTs Pack
    NOTS (New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans) are part of the formerly secret "Advanced Technology" of Scientology.
  • Hubbard Audio Collection
    Several hand picked audio recordings from many of the lectures held by L Ron Hubbard. No more need to doubt if we quote him correct, listen to "his masters voice" and tell us he wasn't totally mad.
  • Hubbard Lectures
    Several lectures given by L Ron Hubbard, both transcripts and audio recordings.
  • HCO Bulletins etc.
    Several bulletins from Hubbard Communication Office.
  • The "L" Rundowns
    The "L" Rundowns are super-secret. People pay $1000 per hour (yes, that's one thousand US dollars per hour, not a typing error!) to be audited on these. You go in as an ordinary human being and you come out a super-thetan, or so Scientologists believe. And they must believe it, otherwise they would not part with such vast sums of money.
  • WikiLeaks
    Many Scientology secrets have also been leaked on WikiLeaks - go do a search!

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