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>   There is much more one could say about the course, but
>   I think that answers the question. The follow-on
>   course to the Key to Life was the Life Orienation
>   Course, the two had to be taken in sequence, one
>   after the other.

I dug up the following. Would like to know very much if in your
opinion this is what's really happening with "students" on the
KTL/LOC course.  By the way, I apologize in advance for the strange
headers - due to german (evil psyches!) software I used in those days..

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On 20 Mar 1996, (Koreen B) wrote:

> The Key To Life course is one that addresses grammar as well as spiritual
> aspects of communication. Scientologists believe it is important to
> improve one's ability to communicate., and that this one thing alone can
> improve the quality of life and a person's happiness  (there is of course
> more things that can increase happiness and quality too).

    This course breaks down the entire semantic and thought structure
of an individual. In the processing part, in the beginning, they are
made to do "clay demonstrations" which reduce them to a child-like
state. They then have to re-learn each and every small common word,
after which, grammar is re-programmed into them, according to
El Con's definitions. The course takes a very long time, and they
use Method 9 to indoctrinate the pcs. Method 9 entails reading each
and every page aloud, and stopping each time the person stumbles, to
look for and clear the misunderstood wood. The course is done with a
"twin", or partner. The person's entire thought process is taken away
from them, and then re-built into what Hubbard thought it should be.

    An exam is taken at the end of the grammar section. Anything less
than 95% means that both twins have to go back and re-do the whole
lot. Nothing other than total "duplication" is accepted. Then, there
is the last clay table auditing process, where a person has to do
certain things until they have realised that they can "get" (receive)
any concept. They can therefore "duplicate".

    The fact that they are now wide open to suggestions, wide open to
implanting, the fact that they have lost their *entire* original
thought process, and all the semantic structures that are their OWN
have been irretrievably removed, makes them candidates for accepting
any piece of data that the "Church" feeds them.

    The Key to Life course has taken hypnosis procedures to a new
level of refinement unsurpassed by anything yet produced by El Con.
This course, taken in full with the mandatory "Life Orientation"
course, produces obedient and dedicated Scientologists who view the
world and reality from a framework that is not their own. Probably why
so few break away from Scientology, these days.

    Very few people realise what is being done to them on these
courses. VERY few. So, of course they will write wins. Something has
irrevocably changed within them. They think it is good, it feels nice
to have had something removed, which makes them very close to their
fellow Scientologists. The adrenaline rush of getting through
something that takes that long, as well as the adulation and
admiration of their fellow cultists, all goes to enhance this.

    They just do not know what it is they have lost. They have lost
their OWN minds. In total. And it is interesting that the Key to Life 
and Life Orientation courses are now PRE-REQUISITES for admission to 
the OT Levels.

- Voice of the Silenced.

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The following a bit reformated..

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Betreff    : Scientology's strategy for 2000

              Scientology's strategy for 2000
    While the copyright wars rage, the focus is very much on the 
external activities of Scientology. Few consider that they plan 
ahead, looking to the future, always and with only one goal in mind -
expand, expand, expand! They have an expansion plan in place, to 
ensure not only their expansion, but their survival into the year 
2000. Now that the dirt is out on Xenu and the space wars, it is even 
more important to them to gain "respectability", or "acceptability" in

the environment - this has always been Miscavige's obsession. He 
wants to make Scientology a mainstream "religion".

    To this end, the mushrooming of the numerous umbrella bodies of 
the Church - CCHR, WISE, Narcanon, Applied Scholastics to name just a 
few, is no accident. These groups target and move in on areas, 
exploiting the ignorance of their prey, and sell seemingly innocous 
courses in "study tech", "business tech", or "expose" psychiatric
atrocities. In many cases, the result is appreciated by the targets, 
who often tend to look no further at the true agenda behind these 

    The October 1995 edition of "Scientology Today", the OSA PR
mouthpiece, makes some astounding claims, including claiming that 
President Bill Clinton supports the work of the cult (but then he
didn't inhale). Acceptability. They also claim the support of a
seemingly distinguished and respectable collection of religious 
scholars and groups. Respectability.

    In line with this strategy, in 1990, the Key to Life, and Life 
Orientation courses were released. Few have really looked at, or 
realised the full implications of these courses, probably because 
those who have done the course are told that the materials are 
"confidential". However, these are not Upper Level materials, and 
were never part of the traditional "Bridge". These courses, however, 
are pushed with a ferocity that seems strange, given that they often 
take people months to do. People are no longer allowed onto their OT 
Levels UNTIL they have completed these courses. The Key to Life (KTL)
and Life Orienation course (LOC) are VERY much part of Scientology's 
stragegy for expansion into the year 2000.

    So, what are they about?

    On KTL, the person starts off doing clay demos : 
"Do a clay representation of Problem versus Problem"
the same for intention-counter-intention, postulate-counter-postulate,
etc, etc. The person has to do this over and over again, and cycle 
through it until they get the EP, which is that any problem or 
counter-intention can be overcome. 

    After that, they have to sit and twin through the book of "Small 
Common Words", where each and every word is broken down and 
redefined. Scientology provides all the definitions, and some 
"cutesy" style pictures, cartoons, etc, again, reducing the person to 
a child-like state (called 'infantile regression' elsewhere). After
that, and from this point on, everything has to be Method 9'd. A book
explaining dictionaries, etc is gone through, with the one twin reading
the page out loud, the other stopping them every time they stumble, to
clear the misunderstood word. Then, the same page is re-read by the
other twin, and the same procedure is re-applied. Finally, the book,
"The New Grammar" re-explains Grammar, syntax, etc according to
Hubbard's definitions. He does things like replace the word "adverb"
with the word "modifier". Again, all Method 9'd. An exam is written, and
anything less than 95% means both twins have to go back and start the
whole thing again.
    At the end of this, there is a final process to be run. It goes 
like this: 

    "Write the word 'cat'"
    "Draw a picture of a cat"
    "Do a clay demo of a cat"
and then :"Did you get the concept?"
    This is repeated with various objects like trees, ships, etc, etc.
and continued until the person gets the EP, which is to realise that 
they can "get" (receive) any concept. Finally, they then have to 
Method 9 through a book with the Axioms, each accompanied by a 
very beautiful picture. Incredibly beautiful (courtesy of the Disney
cartoonists who were hired to illustrate the course after Arthur Hubbard
gave up and left the Sea Org). 

    So now the person is VERY able to "receive concepts".
They have just had their entire semantic and language structure 
dismantled, and re-programmed, over a long period of time, to make 
them very open to receive suggestions. This is called "able to 
duplicate", and the stated aim of the course is to make people be 
able to communicate better. 

The confidential 'End Phenomenon' of the course is that the person
knows that he or she is a Scientologist. Which is to say 'primed and
ready to receive 

     Onto the LOC.

    The LOC focuses on ethics, ethics, and more ethics. Also all 
Method 9'd. It goes through the dynamics, it makes the person have 
to do O/W's (write-ups of overts and witholds) on all 21 Depts of the 
Org Board, then O/W's on all the dynamics. It makes them do long 
demos on the ethics conditions, and then apply that to their past
overts, etc. The Simon Bolivar story is done in depth. It introduces
Hubbards ideas on "justice", and very, very firmly implants the idea
that if you do something unethical, you'll cave yourself in, have an
accident, die, get cancer, whatever - and it is *YOU* who does this.
No-one else but *you*. This is called 'phobia induction' in learned
works on mind control.

    There is the final part where the person works out their "hat" in
life, but this part is very small. And after that the last part, and
*here* is the interesting one: A book, not written by Hubbard, but
describing all the activities by the cult, and their various
front groups, such as CCHR, Applied Scholastics, WISE, Narconon,
etc., are outlined. This is Method 9'd, all the way through, and
the person comes out with the idea that the Church is one of the
finest things in the World, and that the Church *is* Scientology.

    At the end of this, you have a group of very obedient, dedicated
Scientologists (Rondroids, TM), who don't *dare* question, because if
they do, they'll make THEMSELVES ill, or die, or whatever. Since they
now firmly have the idea implanted that Scientology, the Church, and
all its groups are the finest thing in the world, doing good work, it
would be very, very unethical to question this, since questioning is
akin to attacking. And we all know what happens when you attack
something good, don't we?

    Whether the Church will succeed with this more covert stragegy
remains to be seen. It all depends on the reaction of the public to
their front groups, and the awareness of people to the superior and
most refined implanting techniques now employed in the KTL and LOC

Watch this space,
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