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AD"After Dianetics," which means "after 1950." 13 AD is 1963.
AGAssistant Guardian.
AnzoAustralia-New Zealand and vicinity.
AuditingA service the client organization sells the customer, also used as a verb, as in "to audit."
CICCombat Information Center.
CofSChurch of Scientology.
CS-GChurch of Scientology Guardian Mary Sue Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard's wife.
Dead AgentingDiscrediting an person who presents unwanted or enemy information by providing negative information about that person.
DianeticsA service the client organization sells the customer.
EnemyGeneric label applied to dissenters.
EnthetaEnemy data, regarded as harmful noise.
EnturbulatedConfused by entheta.
EstOEstablishment Officer.
Exec SecExecutive Secretary.
FEBCA service offered by the client organization, Flag Executive Briefing Course.
GOGuardian Office.
Hat packA collection of information staff members are expected to use in performing assigned functions.
HCOHubbard Communication Office.
HCOBHubbard Communication Office Bulletin.
HCOPLHubbard Communication Office Policy Letter.
LRHLafayette Ronald Hubbard.
MSHMary Sue Hubbard, L. R. Hubbard's wife.
Objective ProcessesA service the client organization sells the customer.
OECA service the client organization sells the customer, Organization Executive Course.
OrgOrganization, usually a client organization.
OvertA deed a customer felt guilty about.
PC or pcPre-Clear, a client organization's customer.
PDHPain-Drug Hypnosis, a term used by Hubbard. He wrote that PDH "is known to some psychiatrists as a means of compelling obedience. They sometimes use it on psychotics"
PL, P/L or Pol Ltrpolicy letter.
PRPublic relations.
PROPublic relations officer.
PTSPotential Trouble Source, denotes someone who has not rejected enemy data.
RonSee LRH.
Scientologya banner under which clients can gather, it signifies "knowing how to know."
SPSuppressive Person, an enemy.
StatsStatistics, a measure of production.
Suppressive PersonPerson who puts enemy data ("entheta") on client's communication line. Also referred to as a "suppressive."
ThetaAgreeable data.
ThetanA person who deals in Theta.
Third PartyUsually used to refer to a party that stands to gain by providing negative information.
WFMHWorld Federation of Mental Health, a designated enemy.
W/Hwithhold, A deed a customer felt guilty about.
WWWorldwide, referring to a centralized organization.
2DSecond dynamic, sex.

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