Hubbard's FBI Files Available (RVY)
[24 Sep 1997]

L. Ron Hubbard's FBI files are now available for inspection, according to the following post to the IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors) List.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Hubbard's FBI Files Available (RVY)
Date: 24 Sep 1997 04:06:11 GMT
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
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L. Ron Hubbard's FBI files are now available for inspection, according
to the following post to the IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors)
List. You will find the following in the H files now available:

Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0650011118
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0260113143
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0070006000
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0620094080

The full H list follows.

Robert Vaughn Young

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 20:56:15 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Secret FBI files - the letter *H*

FBI Files Now Available Upon Request - *H*
Almost all of these files have never before been seen outside the FBI.
To obtain any of these files, simply send a letter of request to:

FBI Freedom of Information Act Unit
Office of Public and Congressional Affairs
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20535-0000

This list has some great stuff.

List which case files you want, and mention that you agree to pay
reasonable fees up to $20 without additional permission, a legal
requirement for the FBI to process your request.

*H* Files

Hachethal, Frank - BOPNO HQ-0620012025
Hachethal, Frank HQ-0260006250
Hachethal, Frank HQ-0260000747
Haessler, Carl HQ-0650005966
Hagemeister, Hans -Recruit Germans HQ-0650001920, NY-0650000308
Hague, Frank - Jersey City Mayor HQ-0620020079
Hague, Frank - Jersey City Mayor HQ-0440000203
Hague, Frank - Jersey City Mayor HQ-0070002319
Halberstam, David HQ-0650074060
Haldeman-Julius, Emmanuel Kan HQ-0620025155
Haldeman-Julius, Emmanuel Kan HQ-0610000443
Haldeman-Julius, Emmanuel Kan HQ-0610007539
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-1160457593
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-0620116132
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-0630016062, WFO-0620010504
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-1610006251
Haldeman, Harry R. HQ-1970000344
Hale, Wm K. - King of Osage Hills HQ-1000346180
Hale, Wm K. - King of Osage Hills HQ-1000346180
Hale, Wm K. - King of Osage Hills HQ-0620005033
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0090038510
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0310029830
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0460039755
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0470016418
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0620045797
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0620095804
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0610008077
Hall, Gus - CPUSA HQ-0620112153
Hall, Gus Mrs. HQ-1000071217
Hall, Gus - CPUSA NY-1000084994
Hall, Rich A. - Quaker Draft Resister HQ-0250036157
Hallinan, Vincent - BOPNO HQ-0510000360
Hallinan, Vincent - BOPNO HQ-0720000496
Hallinan, Vincent - BOPNO HQ-1900013115
Hallinan, Vincent - BOPNO HQ-1970001264
Hallinan, Vincent - BOPNO HQ-0090062067
Hallinan, Vincent - BOPNO HQ-1000365966
Halperin, Israel - Rosenberg Case HQ-0650059104
Halperin, Maurice HQ-0650056402
Halperin, Maurice HQ-0650014303
Halperin, Maurice HQ-0620116606
Halperin, Morton HQ-0630016062
Halperin, Morton HQ-0650075085
Halperin, Morton HQ-1610005887
Halperin, Morton HQ-1900002169
Halperin, Morton HQ-1970002905
Halperin, Morton HQ-1970000145
Halperin, Morton HQ-1160451131
Halperin, Morton HQ-0620000000, ID number 82273
Halstead, Fred-1968 SWP Pres Cand HQ-0700048966
Halstead, Fred-1968 SWP Pres Cand HQ-1900012587
Halstead, Fred-1968 SWP Pres Cand HQ-1000371709
Hamer, Fannie Lou HQ-0090049604
Hamer, Fannie Lou HQ-0440048733
Hamer, Fannie Lou HQ-1570003933
Hamlin, Marston HQ-1000414184
Hamlin, Marston HQ-1000339505
Hamlin, Marston HQ-1000333042
Hammer, Armand HQ-0620060527, LA-1000022349
Hammer, Armand HQ-1940001159
Hammer, Armand HQ-1050092501, NY-1050043966
Hammer, Armand HQ-0610000280, NK-1000028445
Hammer, Armand HQ-0560005399
Hammer, Desiderio aka John Santo HQ-1000008927
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell - Writer HQ-0620031619
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell - Writer HQ-1900031356
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell - Writer HQ-1000014499
Hammett, Samuel Dashiell - Writer LA-1000023501
Hammons, Adolph - Expungement HQ-0630016548
Hampton, Carl - 1970 Police Killing HQ-0440046170
Hampton, Carl - 1970 Police Killing HQ-0260007450
Hampton, Carl - 1970 Police Killing HQ-1570017680
Hampton, Fred HQ-1740000720
Hampton, Fred HQ-1570008146, CG-1570002343
Hampton, Fred HQ-1740006926
Hampton, Fred HQ-0440055621
Hansberry, Capt. Dean R - embezzle HQ-0520069961
Hapgood, Powers - Labor HQ-1000021067
Harap, Louis HQ-0610007341
Harap, Louis HQ-1000343334
Harlan Co Ky Mining Strikes 1937 HQ-0610006948
Harlan Co Ky Mining Strikes 1937 HQ-0620052538
Harlem Race Riot 1942-43 HQ-0610000079
Harlem Riot 1964 HQ-1630000000
Harlem Riot 1964 HQ-1000000003
Harrell, Baxter L. HQ-0310056256
Harrell, John R. - BOPNO HQ-0420157640
Harrell, John R. - BOPNO HQ-1740008319
Harrell, John R. - BOPNO HQ-0870018463
Harrell, John R. - BOPNO HQ-1000455007
Harrell, John R. - BOPNO HQ-0730017695
Harrell, John R. - BOPNO HQ-0620105711
Harrison, Gerald HQ-1000345925
Harrison, Harley HQ-1000440552
Hart, Guy W. HQ-0310010854
Hartley, Evelyn - Victim Juris Argue HQ-0070006963
Hartmann, Jacob - Funds Sov Relief HQ-0260405721
Hartmann, Jacob - Funds Sov Relief HQ-0460005757
Hartzel, Elmer Antiwar Lit to Army HQ-0140000362
Hartzell, Oscar M - BOPNO HQ-0620044099
Hartzell, Oscar M - BOPNO HQ-0620011178
Harvard Student Union HQ-1000032526
Harvey, Paul - Radio Announcer HQ-0620097730
Harvey, Paul - Radio Announcer HQ-1170000997
Haug, Marie R. - BOPNO HQ-0930015040
Haug, Marie R. - BOPNO HQ-1220000217
Haug, Marie R. - BOPNO HQ-1220002048
Haug, Marie R. - BOPNO HQ-1000147889
Haug, Marie R. - BOPNO HQ-1400043834
Haupt, Max Hans - BOPNO HQ-0980010288
Haupt, Max Hans - BOPNO HQ-0610011331
Hauptman, Bruno R. - kidnapping HQ-0070000001
Hawkins, David HQ-1000344752
Hawkins, David HQ-1160156067
Hawkins, David HQ-1160017129
Hawley, Peter HQ-1000208010, NY-1010000542
Haynes, Oscar H -Lynch Victim LA HQ-0440001444
Hayden, Tom HQ-0620111917
Hayden, Tom HQ-1760000073
Hayden, Tom HQ-1000438281
Hayden, Tom HQ-1970000185
Hayden, Tom HQ-1450004160
Hayden, Tom HQ-1760001410, CG-176-5
Hayden, Tom NY-1570010598
Hayden, Tom LA-1000071853
Hayden, Tom NY-1000148904
Hayden, Tom NY-1000148047
Haywood, Bill - IWW Leader HQ-1000356038
Haywood, Bill - IWW Leader HQ-1000384018
Haywood, Bill - IWW Leader HQ-1000037055
Haywood, Bill - IWW Leader HQ-0610002494
Heady, Bonnie B. - Grenap HQ-0070006920
Healey, Dorothy - Calif. CPUSA HQ-1000018459
Hearst, Patty - Victim SLA HQ-0070015200, LA-0070001627
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090058002
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090060472
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090062294
Hearst, Patty HQ-0090055591
Hearst, Patty HQ-1900003058
Hearst, Patty HQ-1570033745
Hearst, Patty SF-1000076890
Hearst, William R. HQ-0070000104
Hearst, William R. HQ-0090008555
Hearst, William R. HQ-0450000549
Hearst, William R. HQ-0650016463
Hearst, William R. HQ-0800000063
Hearst, William R. HQ-0950039411
Hearst, William R. HQ-0870128456
Hearst, William R. HQ-0620090221
Heberling, Fritz - Chicago Bund HQ-1000017128, CG-1000000542
Hebrew Comm. of Natl Liberation HQ-1000316012, WFO-0970000500
Heimlich, Simon HQ-1000116407
Heimlich, Simon HQ-1000349185
Heine, Edmund C. - Espionage HQ-1000040671
Heine, Edmunc C. - Espionage HQ-0650009180
Heitler, Michael - BOPNO HQ-0620025953
Heitler, Michael - BOPNO HQ-0310003443
Hellman, Lillian HQ-1000028760
Hellman, Lillian HQ-1900028748
Hellman, Lilllian LA-1000022366
Helm, Edith B. HQ-0620060512
Helstein, Ralph - Labor HQ-1000141277
Helmich, Joseph -army secrets-ussr HQ-0650075452
Henderson, Agnes - WW2 Subvers. HQ-1000409174
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-1220000159
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-1000007494
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-1960000754
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-0950237212
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-0910069072
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-0260426053
Henderson, Donald - Labor HQ-1630011047
Henderson, Leon HQ-1400023471
Henderson, Leon HQ-1630035348
Henderson, Leon HQ-0950187697
Henderson, Leon HQ-0870125127
Henderson, Leon HQ-0440057461
Henley, Nadine -HowardHughes ass HQ-1160158627
Hennacy, Ammon - Pacifist BOPNO HQ-0620061208
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570004956, NO-1570002791
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570017138, ME-1570002638
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570002518, JN-1570002371
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570000866
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570001895, JN-1570000214
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570001081, NO-1570001078
Henry, Aaron HQ-1610014258
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730000037, ME-1730000007
Henry, Aaron HQ-1570020806
Henry, Aaron HQ-0090050032
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440019175, ME-0440000871
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440019649
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440020520
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440021527
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440022893, WFO-0440000523
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730004869, JN-1730001230
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730006051, MM-1730000324
Henry, Aaron HQ-0440024100
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730000029
Henry, Aaron HQ-1730000037
Henry, Roland R - DC Underworld HQ-0760043720, WFO-0760005959
Henry, Roland R HQ-0760045576, WFO-0760006166
Henry, Roland R HQ-0880054780
Henry, Roland R HQ-0470042029
Hermann, Karl R W HQ-1900023048
Hermann, Karl R W HQ-1050300870, WFO-1000016597
Hermann, Karl R W HQ-0650001138
Hernandes, Emilio BOPNO HQ-0650050446
Hernandes, Emilio HQ-1050228020
Herndon, Leroy HQ-0950146222
Herndon, Leroy HQ-1000400054
Herndon, Leroy HQ-1210042686
Herring, Ernest - BOPNO HQ-0430003073
Herring, Ernest - BOPNO HQ-0070003444
Herring, Ernest - BOPNO HQ-0880002026
Hetherington, Rev Courtney Colorful HQ-0880000012
Hicks, Granville HQ-0310036100
Hicks, Granville HQ-1000070153
Higgins, Andrew J Jr. HQ-0020000818
Higgins, Andrew J Jr HQ-1050150407
Higgins, Andrew J Sr. HQ-0020000816
Higgins, Father George HQ-0610007544
Higgins, Peter J. - BOPNO HQ-0230000267
Highlander Folk School HQ-0440012743
Highlander Folk School HQ-1000087411
Highlander Folk School HQ-0610007511
Hijacking HQ-1640002562, NY-1640000718
Hijacking - Cuba HQ-1640002193, NY-1640000646
Hijacking - Cuba, Black Panthers HQ-1640001128, NY-1640000391
Hijacking - Cuba HQ-1640000821, NY-1640000328
Hijacking - Kidnapping HQ-1640005040
Hijacking Ransom HQ-1640002541, NY-1640000712
Hikeda, Yasuichi HQ-0400022241
Hilliard, David - Black Panthers HQ-1760000885
Hilliard, David - Black Panthers HQ-1450004443
Hilliard, David - Black Panthers HQ-1570008714
Hilliard, David - Black Panthers HQ-0910034101
Hilliard, David - Black Panthers HQ-0440039708
Hilliard, David - Black Panthers HQ-0440040024
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0440000178
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0440001003
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0570000407
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0580001126
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0600001711
Hillman, Sidney HQ-0610009899
Hilsman, Roger NY-1160121328
Hilsman, Roger NY-1610001223
Hirabayashi, Gordon Jap-Am no relo HQ-0250034352, SE-1000010266,
Hirabayashi, Gordon - no relocate HQ-1000191117
Hiskey, Clarence HQ-1210020641
Hiskey, Clarence HQ-1010002118, NY-1000014092
Hiss, Alger HQ-0650056402, LA-1000030409
Hiss, Alger HQ-0090017829, LA-1050001091
Hiss, Alger LA-0650004878
Hiss, Alger LA-1900000203
Hiss, Alger NY-1050010101
Hiss, Alger NY-0690000014
Hiss, Alger HQ-1010002668
Hiss, Alger HQ-0660006200
Hiss, Alger HQ-0740001333
Hiss, Donald HQ-0740001333
Hiss, Donald HQ-1010004300, WFO-1010000607
Hiss, Donald LA-1000042656
Hiss, Priscilla HQ-0740001333, NY-0650014920
Hiss, Priscilla HQ-0650056402, WFO-1000174931
Hiss, Priscilla HQ-1000376016, NY-0650015867
Hitler, Adolf HQ-0650053615
Hitler, Alois - Half Brother HQ-1050007985
Hobson, Julius HQ-140-355481, NY-1400017377
Hobson, Julius WFO-1400025531
Hobson, Julius HQ-0620117199
Hobson, Julius HQ-1570003707
Hoch, Myron HQ-1000116414
Hodes, Robert HQ-1000046895
Hoffa, James R - Jimmy - misc HQ-0580004044, WFO-0580000634
Hoffa, James R - Jimmy - misc HQ-0720001459, ME-0720000050
Hoffa, James R - Jimmy - misc HQ-0720001543, KX-1220000019
Hoffa, James R - Jimmy MM-0620004673
Hoffa, James R HQ-0580004044
Hoffa, James R - obstruction justice HQ-0720001459
Hoffa, James R - forum motor lodge HQ-1560000126
Hoffa, James - sheraton tenney lodge HQ-1560000134
Hoffa, James R -bribe mcclellan com NY-0580000995
Hoffa, James R - anti-racketeering HQ-0660002000, DE-1220000060, ID
Hoffa, James R HQ-0740001333
Hoffa, James R HQ-0630000553
Hoffa, James R HQ-0630005327
Hoffa, James R v B Connelly miami HQ-0630006475
Hoffa, James R -S Hyman key west HQ-0630006478
Hoffa, James R - blair house apt HQ-0630006480
Hoffa, James R - pelican states hotel HQ-0630006486
Hoffa, James R -honeymoon isle dev HQ-0630006527
Hoffa, James R - S.G. Burvis HQ-0630006666
Hoffa, James - Eug Russell Sansouci HQ-0630006678
Hoffa, James - Atlanta Cabana Hotel HQ-0630006702
Hoffa, James - Dallas Cabana Hotel HQ-0630006727
Hoffa, James - gen. oglethorpe hotel HQ-0630006728
Hoffa, James R - S, G & h.r. burvis HQ-0630006733
Hoffa, James -Myers Lake shop ctr HQ-0630006760
Hoffa, James - Park Plaza Motel HQ-0630006867
Hoffa, James - Hotel Whitcomb HQ-0630006918
Hoffa, James - H. Glassman HQ-0630006953
Hoffa, James -Causeway Enterprises HQ-0630007078
Hoffa, James R - P. Weiss HQ-0630007099
Hoffa, James - Flamboyant Hotel HQ-0630007103
Hoffa, James - E.A. Scheib Auto HQ-0630007112
Hoffa, James -N. Stern LA Hoodlum HQ-0630007144
Hoffa, James - Home Se Co Gottlieb HQ-0630007179
Hoffa, James - Allied Pub Rel Inc HQ-0630007405
Hoffa, James - Teamsters So. Conf. HQ-0630007536
Hoffa, James - Teamsters Pension HQ-0630007821
Hoffa, James - Cent. Casualty Co. HQ-0630007893
Hoffa, James - Riverside Hotel renov HQ-0630007951
Hoffa, James - I.S. Weiner HQ-0630007985
Hoffa, James - Cal Life Insur Co. HQ-0630007987
Hoffa, James - E.O. Corp Atlanta HQ-0630008013
Hoffa, James - Lake Tahoe HQ-0630008341
Hoffa, James -Teamsters Pension fnd HQ-0630008382
Hoffa, James - Fairlawn Mem Hosp HQ-0630008505
Hoffa, James - Howard Park Hosp HQ-0630008506
Hoffa, James - Beacon Motel HQ-0630008743
Hoffa, James - 1963 Pension Loans HQ-0630008981
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0720001543, ME-0720000507
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1630039554
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630006728
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007821
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0090060052
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630000553, DE-0620002449
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0560002046
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0510000472
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630006658
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007987
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220001384, DE-1220000061
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220001387, DE-1220000062
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630000553
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630006985
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007789
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0630007821
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0720001852
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0740001869
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0740001929, DE-0740000112
Hoffa, James R. HQ-0740002055
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220001083, DE-1220000601
Hoffa, James R. HQ-1220002006, SI-1220000695
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1640000508
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1640001017
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1760001410
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1800000143
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1800000200
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-0660002554, ID Number 12978
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1000449923
Hoffman, Abbie HQ-1760000034
Hoffman, Hans MEX-1000000821
Hoffman, Irving, 94-3 Sub 4 Sub 40 HQ-0940000003
Hoffman, Johanna HQ-0650000748
Hoffman, Marvin Child Dev Grp MS HQ-1160098759
Hogan, Joseph W - BOPNO HQ-0420244641
Hohenlohe, Princess -S.Fr UN conf HQ-0620094969
Hohenlohe, Princess HQ-0650001649
Hohenlohe, Princess HQ-0650037699
Hohenlohe, Princess HQ-0650056106
Holden, Luther vs US 1943 Lynchng HQ-0440000661
Holliday, Billie -blues singerBOPNO HQ-0950153541
Holliday, Billie HQ-0120001720
Hollywood anti-nazi league CP front HQ-0610007497
Hollywood Anti-Nazi League HQ-1000006633, LA-0650000796
Hollywood Canteen HQ-1000013342
Hollywood Canteen HQ-1000259318
Hollywood Canteen LA-100-18780
Hollywood Dem Comm - CP front HQ-1000197270
Hollywood Indep Citizens comm-CP HQ-1000338892, LA-1000018355
Hollywood Ten HQ-1000356137
Holman, Currier-pres Iowa Beef proc HQ-1660005896
Holmes, John M. HQ-0070000375
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. HQ-0650027247
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. HQ-1160000017
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr. HQ-0620014996
Holquin, Pedro A A-dominican junta HQ-1050014442
Holquin, Pedro A A WFO-1050067330
Holquin, Pedro A A DOM-1050000260
Holtzoff, Alexander HQ-0620039799
Hook, Sidney HQ-1000176573
Hoover Briefings on Major fbi Cases HQ-0940057090
Hoover, Lamar and Sally -newspaper HQ-1000450181
Hopkins, Andrew Hinds Co Miss jail HQ-0440011457
Hopkins, Harry HQ-1050040354
Hopkins, Harry HQ-0620059396
Hopkinson, Mary - CP activist HQ-1000022803
Horip-Disrupt KKK by sex innuendo HQ-1700000942, MM-1700000094
Hornung, Paul - Gambling HQ-0920005904
Hornung, Paul HQ-1370017677
Hornung, Paul HQ-0290082933
Horrock, Nicholas -unauth disclosure HQ-0620117938, LA-1760000263
Horton, Donald HQ-1000430754
Horwitz, Chas - Freedom Dem Party HQ-0440034254
Hot Springs, Arkansas Gambling HQ-0620044462
Hotel-Restaurant Workers Union HQ-1220003752
Houdini, Harry re the master mystery HQ-0270000007
House, J. Arthur BOPNO HQ-0290004546, Sub 1
House, J. Arthur HQ-0930000639
House of David, Michigan HQ-0170000264
House of David, Michigan HQ-0620020612
House of David, Michigan HQ-1450003305
House of Israel HQ-1000168963
Senate Select Comm Intell.- Church HQ-0620116395
House Select Comm Intell.- Pike HQ-0620116464
Huston, John HQ-1000420778
Huston, John HQ-1000274000
Houthakker, Hendrick S - economist HQ-1610005675
Howard, Charles A. HQ-0980008473
Howard, Charles W. HQ-1000383065
Howard, Charles W. HQ-1000143124
Howard, Milton HQ-0950086339
Howard, Milton HQ-1000241197
Howard, Milton HQ-1000074972
Howard, Verne N - 1st title 8 convic. HQ-1210005390, DN-1210000149
Howard, Verne HQ-1000339491, DN-1000004221
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0650011118
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0260113143
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0070006000
Hubbard, L. Ron HQ-0620094080
Hudson, Roy - born 1904 HQ-0620101732
Hudson, Roy - born 1904 HQ-1000007602
Hudson, Roy - born 1904 HQ-1000359686
Hudson, Roy - born 1918? HQ-1000052122
Huerta, Victoriano HQ-0760019425, Px-0760001449
Huff, Henry P - Wash St CP leader HQ-1000008478
Huff, Henry P - Wash St CP leader HQ-0510000388
Huff, Pope - Union Leader HQ-1000273528
Huggins, Ericka - New Haven trial HQ-0950153880
Huggins, Ericka HQ-1570021382
Huggins, Ericka HQ-1570011414
Hughes, Alfred H - BOPNO HQ-0910007536
Hughes, Charles W HQ-0940049648
Hughes, Charles W HQ-0950162034
Hughes, Howard R. HQ-0620092645
Hughes, Howard - Melvin Dummar HQ-0950211845
Hughes, Howard HQ-0620099801
Hughes, Howard-Dummar fag consp HQ-0460070074
Hughes, Howard HQ-0950179917
Hughes, Howard HQ-0870119739
Hughes, Howard HQ-0620078335
Hughes, Howard HQ-0620092645
Hughes, Howard LA-0870042538
Hughes, Howard LA-0090005788
Hughes, Howard LA-0870040138
Hughes, Howard LA-0620006832
Hughes, Langston - Dies Commit. HQ-1000015139
Hughes, Langston - Dies Commit. HQ-1000124002
Humphrey, M. L. - BOPNO HQ-0470005499
Humphrey, Ronald -USIA spy Viet. HQ-0650076230
Hung, Truong Dinh - spy Vietnam HQ-0650076230
Hung, Truong Dinh - spy Vietnam HQ-1050298623
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-1180004796
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-0730017428
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-1240000198
Hunt, E. Howard HQ-1610008193
Hurvich, Leo HQ-1000349624
Hurwitz, Leo - 1930's Films HQ-1000007850
Hurwitz, Leo - 1930's Films HQ-1000330591
Hutcheson, Wm - Labor HQ-1000290358
Hutchins, Robert M HQ-1000368336
Hyman, Louis - Labor b.1911 HQ-0610007341
Hollywood Mobilization CP front HQ-1000047852
Hulan, Jack - Black Politician Labor HQ-0920004686
Hulan, Jack - Black Politician Labor HQ-0920011815
Hawkins, Samuel David -Korea pow HQ-0610011532
Hawkins, Samuel David -Korea pow OC-0610000136
Hawkins, Samuel David -Korea pow SF-0610000616
Highroller W.F.O. sting operation AX-0700003574
Highroller W.F.O. sting operation WFO-0870021736

Robert Vaughn Young