What does FAIR do?

    FAIR offers advice and support to families as well as individuals who have been adversely affected by cult involvement.

    FAIR believes in the welfare and unity of the family as being of paramount importance in maintaining the quality of life in society.

    While not seeking to curtail political and religious freedom, FAIR aims to raise public awareness of unacceptable methods and practices of cults.

    F.A.I.R. believes that the welfare and unity of the family is of vital importance in maintaining the quality of life within society.

    It supplies speakers with specialist knowledge on cults, alerts Government departments, the media and public bodies to the risks and dangers posed by cults; and maintains contact with cult monitoring groups on an international level.

    FAIR publishes a quarterly newsletter, provides fact sheets and specialised information on cults and their characteristics and issues warning leaflets to put young people on their guard.
    FAIR provides resource material and advice for cult members, but an individual's decision to leave a cult must remain his/her own. FAIR does not seek to convert cult members to any other belief. It merely aims to restore them to that state of mind in which rational judgement can be made.

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