Today, Sunday November 10th at 09:15 1996 two persons rang my doorbell.
They asked to talk to me, I answered by asking who they were. They
said they came from The Church of Scientology. I did not let them in
but stood in the door asking what they wanted. My summary of the 
debate that followed is this:

(I call them clam A and clam B)

Clam A: (talking Norwegian) You are in possession of copyrighted 
        material. If you do not delete it and hand over any hard 
        copies you may have, we will sue both you and your Intenet 
        provider. You have now been told in the precencs of a 
Me    : These documents are publicly available on the net and
        can be ordered from the Riksdagen in Sweden. I can see no
        reason for me to either hand anything over to you or remove
        anything from my home page.
(some debate about Xenu and other stuff. Clam B talked Swedish.
I said I would not give in to his cult, that I looked forward to any
action they did, and I gave him an account of all the media
coverage I have had so far, telling him it would be much 
more if they started harassing me. I respect that they have
a different view of life than me, but I do not respect people
destroying others. And so on.... I talk too much....)
Me    : What is your name?
Clam A: (hesitating) Ehh.... My name is Bjørn Marmedal.
Me    : And yours? (looking at the other clam, the Swede)
Clam B: (just looked at me, with a grin)
Me    : Are you refusing to say your name?
Clam B: (same grin, saying absolutely nothing)
Me    : What OT level are you at? (looking at clam B)
Clam B: (shaking his head)
Me    : Do I understand you correct that you are here as a legal witness
        but refuse to give your name?
Clam B: (still nothing, looks unsure. Clam B looks like he's 
        superior to A because A wants to say something but stops
        when he looks at B)
Clam A: Now you have been given notice....
Me    : Do you have with you any documentation that proves
        you represent the owners of the copyright on these
        documents, and that they are copyrighted?
Clam A: (starts to repeat that I've been notified with
        with a witness present)
Me    : (I ask him for documentation of who he represents and
        proof of copyright several times, but he refuses to answer yes
        or no)
Clam A: (counting on his fingers) We have won lawsuits over
        this material in USA, Sweden and Finland....
Me    : You have WHAT????? What lawsuits have you won
        in USA, Sweden and Finland??? This is a lie, and you
        know it! Tell me it's not a lie!
Clams : (looking at each other. Either they think I'm an idiot
        or they know nothing at all themselves)
Me    : Are you aware that these documents are publicly 
        available in Sweden? I only have to send 500,-
        kroner to Riksdagen and they will mail me a copy. Are 
        you aware of this?
Me    : ARE YOU?????
Clam A: No... (looking in the ground, first time he couldn't look
        me straight in the eyes. One point! Thanks Zenon, I owe 
        you one)
Me    : (ok, so I was getting a bit irritated and shouted)
        I hereby declare, with my neighbors as my witnesses,
        that I will not hand over anything to strangers without
        any proof of their claims. These documents are 
        publicly available both on the net and at Riksdagen
        in Sweden. I see no reason to react to this insane
Clam A: Ok, we have told you what will happen...
(they start walking away)
Me    : I wish you the best, I really hope you two one day can
        sleep with a higher state of conciousness.

This is my account of the outdoor meeting. I can't get it
correct word by word, but the essense is there. This is so
stupid, coming here harassing me without any legal papers,
no documantation to back up their claims, refusing to say
their names, threatening me. I get so mad, who the hell
do they think they are? 

I must admit I am a bit proud though, they had nothing!
Thanks to all you others that have helped me with 
information and support (hundreds of e-mails have arrived)
I managed to keep calm and be in ahead all the time. I have
no idea at all what they thought they would gain from this
stunt, but one thing is sure: I'm now EVEN MORE EAGER to
follow this to the bitter end!

Best wishes, from a Norwegian getting ready! Now I'd
better explain to the neighbours what's going on. :)