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January 28 2015


I was interviewed by NRK P2 Kulturhuset today about Alex Gibney’s new documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Radio interview last for almost 15 minutes and in Norwegian. Press here and select "6. Scientologifilm skaper blest" to listen.

October 8 2013

Article about Thomas Seltzer, known from the band Turboneger and TV program Trygdekontoret, warning his employer that he is regarded by the cult of Scientology as an enemy and "fair game". Article also mentionesvarsler Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby/Hank Von Helvete, Geir Isene, Paulette Cooper, Viveke Dmman, Marty Rathbun, Jason Beghe and the author of Operation Clambake.

July 17 2013

BBC News

Operation Clambake and author mentioned in BBC article today:


The DMCA is now widely-used by the entertainment industry to have content removed from the internet.

For the Church, it was a tool that allowed them to go after ex-members and others who had posted "secret scriptures" online.

One such site, Operation Clambake, was a particular thorn. Set up by Andreas Heldal-Lund, the site not only hosted previously private Scientology documents, but large amounts of criticism of the Church too. Due to it being set-up in Norway, was beyond the DMCA's reach.

Google 'meeting'
So the Church did the next best thing: it made a request to Google for the site to be wiped from search results. Google complied, sparking strong criticism.

Faced with the backlash, Google came to what founder Sergey Brin would later describe as the "right compromise", removing the listings, but replacing them with links to another website - - which lists the details of DMCA requests.

Meanwhile, anti-Scientologists with websites linked to, thus pushing it up Google's rankings until it appeared ahead of the Church's official site.

Ex-high-ranking Scientologist Geir Isene, who left the Church in 2009, told the BBC the Church was so concerned about this that it put pressure on Mr Brin at a conference in the hope he would alter search results to down-rank, or remove, anti-Scientology material.

February 16 2013

Mother mentiones Operation Clambake in blog radio interview at God Discussion about the death of Kyle Brennan (at mark 52:53 of the recording).

The God Discussion

July 4 2012


Interview with Operation Clambake in largest Norwegian newspaper today "Norsk scientologiekspert: - Hun vet for mye" ("Norwegian Scientology expert: - She knows too much":

Quote (extract):

Selv om sladreblader over hele verden nå klør etter mer informasjon om omstendighetene rundt skilsmissen, tror han at Holmes antagelig aldri vil si noe negativt om Scientologikirken offentlig.

- På samme måte som Nicole Kidman aldri har ytret et ord om organisasjonen, selv om den åpenbart var en kilde til konflikt mellom henne og Cruise, vil nok Holmes også gå stille i dørene. Hennes førstepri nå er datteren, og hun vil nok heller bruke tausheten sin som et forhandlingskort for å få en best mulig omsorgsavtale med eksmannen, spår Heldal-Lund.

July 3 2012

FOX News

Author of Operation Clambake interviewed by FOX News "Are A-list Scientologist scandals hurting the church in Hollywood?":


Scientology expert and founder of the long-running, Norway-based website Operation Clambake that seeks to "undress the Church," Andreas Heldal-Lund, flew to the States in 2008 together with Mark Bunker and videotaped actor Jason Beghe speaking out candidly against Scientology, calling it "dangerous," and a "rip-off."

Heldal-Lund started a website on Scientology in 1996 on the subject, and noticed that online information about the enigmatic organization would often disappear. Lawsuits were filed against several Internet newsgroups publishing either confidential or unflattering information about the Church, stirring debate over censorship.

"But over recent years, the organization seems to have lost a lot of its members, and it lost the war against the Internet," Heldal-Lund explained. "We are now seeing a lot my empty churches around the world. They buy these beautiful buildings, and yet there is nobody inside."

July 5 2012

FOX News

Author of Operation Clambake interviewed by FOX News "Former Scientologist says Katie Holmes' answers during church QA sessions will be used against her":


Scientology expert and founder of the website "Undressing the Church of Scientology," Andreas Heldal-Lund, told us that while divorces are not considered hugely problematic by Scientology when conducted in a "normal" fashion, Holmes’ very public departure could be considered an attack on the Church and its most famous adherent.

"Whatever happens, Scientology will make sure she does not go out and talk about what really went on," Heldal-Lund said. "She will be put under a lot of pressure that could make her much more vulnerable and weaker by the time she has to fight in court."

Heldal-Lund said personal information gathered during the Scientology practice of auditing could be used against Holmes.

The auditing process requires members to be hooked up to an electropsychometer, or E-meter, a kind of an old-fashioned lie detector that measures bodily changes in electrical resistance, as one answers personal questions posed by the auditor.

"It is like a spiritual counseling session, its purpose is to clear the mind and blockages so you can become totally free," Hedal-Lund continued. "But this includes very, very personal questions, and to get rid of the blockage, you have to 'declare.' But this is not in confidence; the auditor logs everything. I would not be surprised if Katie’s declarations are used against her. You can get away with exiting Scientology if you do it their way. If not, this information could be leaked out."

April 16 2012


Operation Clambake mentioned in article on Macgasm "Sorry Brin, But Google’s The Main Actor Standing In The Way Of A Free And Open Web":


Google Censors Search Results If You Have The Money To Pay A Lawyer For A DMCA Takedown

By this point, you might think we are flogging a dead horse, where the horse is Google’s continued censorship of the Internet. You’d be dead wrong. As it turns out, customers can pay money to have competition and negative commentary removed from Google. All you have to do is hire a good lawyer and file a DMCA takedown notice. That’s exactly what the Church of Scientology did in 2002, and Google caved quickly and removed the offending sites from its listings.

From F.A.C.T.n.e.t:

Andreas Heldal-Lund, webmaster of, got a DMCA [Digital Millenium Copyright Act] notification letter from Google earlier today. In the letter, a long list of URLs were listed as infringing, and Google apparently complied with the DMCA request by removing them.

The only problem was that the website mentioned Scientology. The result, Google took down and delisted a lot of the site’s content. We’re not lawyers, so we’re not exactly sure how Google could have been held responsible for listing content on another website, but delisting the site is exactly what they did. I’m not one for "hate speech," but in a land that flaunts First Ammendment rights any chance it gets, it’s a little surprising that a company would pull down a site’s listing based on a DMCA request. You can see a list of links here: Again, not exactly the most free and open Internet on the planet, unless Brin means free and open unless it conflicts with Google’s corporate interests.

March 7 2012

Debate about about Scientology with Andreas Heldal-Lund and Geir Isene

The Norwegian magazine Fri Tanke (Free Thought) had an article about the connection between Church of Scientology and Narconon after Narconon was covered in a free steet magazine: "=Oslo promoterer scientologenes behandlingsopplegg"

OC Weekly

The Operation Clambake Message Board (OCMB) was also mentioned in OC Weekly today "Scientology Protester on Allegedly Being Followed: 'It Was Actually Pretty Mind-Boggling'":


Elliott said she has no ties to Scientology, but began research the church when Tom Cruise began to speak out publicly about the group.

"I've always been interested in these high-control groups and how it happens to people," she said.

Elliott eventually met some folks online through the Operation Clambake online message board, which is dedicated to discussing all things Scientology. She became sympathetic toward those whose families she said have been ripped apart by the church.

January 18 2012

The Guardian

Operation Clambake referenced in article today "In France, genocide has become a political brickbat":


Memory laws such as the one proposed in France clearly fail this test; but they are not the only example. In Britain, the science writer Simon Singh had to defend a lengthy, costly libel action because of his criticism of claims made for chiropractic treatments. The Church of Scientology uses its copyright in the immortal words of L Ron Hubbard to prevent people seeing the higher secrets of the Operating Thetan. (Tip: if you're interested, search for Operation Clambake.) Today, the English-language Wikipedia was blacked out for 24 hours to protest against the proposed US Stop Online Piracy Act, which, in the current version, will have a disastrous, chilling effect on the free, online dissemination of knowledge.

Los Angeles Times

Repeated in Los Angeles Times the following day "Speech crimes and France":


Memory laws like the one proposed in France clearly fail this test, but they are not the only example. In Britain, science writer Simon Singh had to defend a costly libel action because of his criticism of chiropractic claims. The Church of Scientology uses its copyright of the immortal words of L. Ron Hubbard to prevent people seeing the secrets of the Operating Thetan. (Tip: Search for Operation Clambake.)

El Pais

Then it was printed in France on the 21st "El conocimiento en la Red, en peligro":


Es evidente que las leyes de la memoria como la que se ha propuesto en Francia no superan esta prueba; pero no son el único caso. En Reino Unido, el escritor científico Simon Singh tuvo que defenderse en una prolongada querella por libelo a propósito de sus críticas de lo que afirmaban los impulsores de los tratamientos quiroprácticos. La Iglesia de la Cienciología utiliza sus derechos de propiedad sobre las inmortales palabras de L. Ron Hubbard para impedir que la gente vea los supremos secretos del Thetan (si les interesa, busquen en Internet Operation Clambake).

The Telegraph

And then again in India on the 22nd: "MIND THE GAFFE - Free speech is under threat globally":

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