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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

December 31 1996
The computer magazine Datatid is not out of the shops before a new Norwegian magazine (Vi Menn) has a killing 3 page article about Co$!
This week main article has the following header:

Vi Menn

[picture of Hubbard laughing]


"Erling" is the first defector from the Church of Scientology in Norway who have won a suit for damages against his former fellow-believers. Now the controversial sect is being fought from many fronts in many countries. Germany has gone to war against it and asked for help from Norway to map it's activities.

Text: Jan Fiksdal

"600,000 (about 100,000 US dollar) is nothing for an amputated life. The money from CoS makes me free from dept, but I'm left without a house, without security of any sort. I've waisted my career, a future and half a million kroner." "Erling" (45) - name is changed because of family - is a former teacher from Telemark and the first defector from CoS in Norway that have won a suit for damages against his former fellow-believers without it ending with settlement out of court. The not yet valid judgement is a scorching defeat for CoS. The court nailed down that the organization lead the members to believe that the course material was worthy.
- I say like professor Johannes Aagaard, one of the worlds leading experts on new religious movements: "The Church of Scientology is the closest you get a mafia of religion." I hope this verdict can help others that have been, or will find themselves in the same situation as me, says "Erling".
- I can of course blame myself for being caught by their claws. But they are incredible cunning in the way they dupe you into the organization. If you're first in, you are lucky if you manage to get out still having your health intact. There are many psychic wrecks, economic ruins and splitted families as a result of Scientology.

(the article continues the interview with "Erling" over two more pages and also have a revealing part about how Scientology and Dianetics was founded. Hopefully someone can translate it better than I can.)

Ouch! I bet that hurt a bit too, or what Kobrin? And guess what; this is only the beginning!! Guess what you will find next week in the same magazine? Pray to the almighty LRON they don't quote everything I said.... ;->

This is just getting more fun!

December 26 1996
The biggest (?) computer magazine in Norway had a good article about Operation Clambake. The magazine is called 'Datatid' no. 16/17 December |996. The magazine asks "Will international sects, who brainwash people using strange recepies, have to give up in Cyberspace? Or will sects, because they have so much money, manage to stop being undressed in public, by using lawyers against the net providers? Will they get the same power - through their closed rooms - also in Cyberspace?" The article sums up what Scientology is: "The founder, sci-fi writer Ron Hubbard, made his own genesis and a methodic system, so called personality courses, which results in break down of the human psychical self-defence."

Good work Datatid, more is coming later in Norwegian press.


December 19 1996
Co$ appealed the lawsuit they lost against a former member of Co$ in Norway.

December 5 1996


Read my report to a.r.s. today.

November 28 1996
3 WEEKS JUBILEE TODAY! All documents have been on the web through Operation Clambake all the time and neither my lawyer nor I have received phone or letter from any Norwegian lawyer stating what Norwegian laws they claim I am violating. When will Kobrin get it, this is Norway! Bet she'll get the picture if she tryes to sue me... ;)))))

November 27 1996
Haugesunds Avis (newspaper from the west coast of Norway) wrote about an Internet provider there, ProSalg at Frakkagjerd, that is threatened by CoS. Standard procedure, letters and phonecalls from USA. After contacting both lawyers and police (ØkoKrim) ProSalg have decided not to remove the documents. Police informed that they had investigated CoS several times, among other things for recruiting minors. The police also had been contacted by next of kin to people that literally had sold themselves and their belongings to the church. I received a scanned image of the part of the article about me.
People are eager to mirror the documents, this is fantastic and will help this fight agains CoS a lot. But please don't hack accounts to do this, one did and that of course had to be deleted. We are to many individuals who would like to mirror this on our private pages, let's do it that way. :)

November 25 1996
The next biggest newspaper in Norway, Dagbladet, wrote an article (English translation) with an interview with my lawyer.


Also sent a letter to my Internet provider today, complaining about how they handeled this case.
Still getting a lot of support, and mirrors of Operation Clambake is popping up everywhere! Plan to make a small gif for everybody who have joined the battle and hosted the documents untill they were forced to remove them. Anybody got any ideas for text and so on?

November 24 1996
New press release sent Scandinavian press about the verdic in Lyon (in Norwegian).
I've been told that the homepage of Operation Clambake was shown on TV4 the other day.

November 23 1996
Something weird happened today. In the evening my dog started to bark, it had heard something. Then I noticed someone was knocking on my window, I made myself ready (anti-clam equipment) and opened the front door. A couple was standing there and before I managed to ask what they wanted the male held up at dead pigeon in my face and asked if my dog was hungry. I just said no thanks and closed the door firmly. I have no idea who they were.

November 22 1996
Preparing for the suspected "big manoeuvre" from the clams in Norway. Latest news is, "suprisingly", a letter from HMK Kobrin to my latest net provider. I got one too, and I sent a short reply. As you may notice, she even listed the files in the correct order. ;) (could Kobrin just be a program?????) I've taken the liberty of changing the names again, please send me any suggestions you may have for better names. There will be a prize to the winner, announced here and on a.r.s.! Got a "weird" phonecall from a lady wanting to ask some questions regarding my use of computers, for a poll or something. Didn't have time then to check what she wanted, please call again. ;)
From what I've been informed the files are on most BBS's around the globe too now. Keep on spreading the word, the war is still on!

November 21 1996:

November 20 1996
The clam... ehhh cat I mean, still chase the mice. When will it understand that we haven't only taken the cheese, but already eaten it? ;) Scibstednett (next biggest Internet provider in Norway) now closed a site with the NOTs. Seems like they now also have noticed the Fisherman Papers and even demand that the Jive and Borkified versions of NOTs are removed. WOW SCARY! Bet they study them with their famouse reading technices as we write!
HEY! What a supprise! Operation Clambake suddenly pops up at, oooops, as I remember I put it there.... Hope you all check out this great news provider in Norway, the place to go to keep informed. You clams reading this can send all your "demands" to my lawyer, you got the address.
As I said earlier, these documents are all over the net, I can keep on changing my links as long as they want to continue this stupid game. Keep it up clams, bet even your lawyers are having great fun (on your cost I may add).

November 18 1996

Interviewed live (via CUSeeMe) on Spider today (a program about Internet on Norwegian Brodcasting Corporation channel NRK2). The program will be shown again on NRK1 on Wednesday. After the program CoS contacted NRK and claimed the program was one-sided, if NRK are sued remains to be seen. Nettguiden printed my press release.
My lawyer has received fax from Kobrin, read his answer.

November 16 1996:
I have visitors this weekend and have not been able to make a report yet.
My latest Internet provider ( got in one day over 22 phonecalls from lawyers in USA, and lot's of faxes. They are really burning money over there! ;) CoS has a hard time getting a lawyer to represent them in Norway, like that was a supprise.... ;) The Clambake home page is still up and NOTs can be accessed from it.
The news-server I use is down so I can't follow up in a.r.s. at the moment, but hope it is fixed soon and that I can make some time later today.
Front page on the webpage of VG, the biggest newspaper in Norway. (picture by VG)


November 14 1996:
My Internet provider did it again, I was ordered to remove from their server the Jive and Borkified Parody of NOTs. I really wonder if it was their own initiative or Co$ who ordered this?
Received answer from Helena Kobrin, I replied this and refered to my lawyer.
Today was even more busy than yesterday, interviews in radio (listen to Radionettet, RealAudio) and the biggest newspaper in Norway. It made front page with a big picture in Stavanger Aftenblad today too. In between I managed to inform all neighbours with letters about the event. Interview also on Riksnettet and the interview with the Telenor Onling boss was sent twice on P2. Nettavisen had a piece.
People with experiences from CoS start contacting me, it is so sad to listen to it. I hope more come forward and help nail these bastards. Please feel free to contact me with whatever you have got or know.

November 13 1996:
People are eager to join in, what my Internet provider did made people only more angry. Today I sent a new mail to Helena K. Kobrin. Read about lawyer claming borkified and jive parody of NOTs are violation of copyright (read the mail), also read my report to a.r.s.

November 12 1996:
When my Internet provider yesterday told me to remove 8 named files, I did actually delete those files. But I happened to find 8 other files with other names, those I put on my page instead. Today they contacted me again and told me these files probably was similar files. You can imagine my suprise.... I stated that I was only told to remove files from a list of file names, not anywhere did CoS show either Telenor or me what content they talked about. I will no longer be able to put these files on Telenor's server, if I do they will close my access to the account. No worries, NOTs and the Fisherman Papers are all over the net. There will always be a link to one from this page at least.
Take a seat and enjoy the show girls and boys, Co$ will never know what hit them. CHECK MATE IN TWO MOVES!
Interviewed by a local newspaper (Stavanger Aftenblad) and a radio program called "Radionettet". Article will be printed tomorrow and and radio program will be sent on P2 Thursday (at 10:40 and 22:40). Berlingske Tidende had a piece they wrote on the two clams visiting me. Media keeps calling, faxed some more press release today too.

Stavanger Aftenblad

As usual there are many many many many many many many many copies of Fishman Papers and NOTs out there, and much more to come as long as Co$ messes about our net. Now everybody also seems to want to be linked, so I can't give you many days each. Order in the lines! :) KEEP IT COMING!!! LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT THEY DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE!

November 11 1996:
Visited the police station, they are now informed about what is going on. Been interviewed again by Berlingske Tidende and Scibsteds Nett (with RealAudio file of interview).
My Internet provider informs me that they will remove the NOTs from my page today if I don't. I have no intention of removing them, it's out and will stay that way. (PS: If you mail Telenor, be objective and don't shoot the messenger)

November 10 1996:
Made front page on Denmark's biggest newspaper! Berlingske Tidende had today 3 whole pages about the war against CoS on the net, includes full coverage of Zenon's story and an interview with me and link to the page (read the full Danish text and some translated at Schibsted Nett (one of the biggest Internet provider's in Norway) covered my page on the front of their page today..

Berlingske Tidene

Two persons claiming to be from CoS visit me at 0915pm today, read all about it!

November 8 1996:
E-mail received from Helena K. Kobrin with threats. Answered by me.
Contacted by the Danish newspaper named Berlingske Tidende. New press release sent Scandinavian press (Norwegian text). Press is informed of Kobrin's mail and are invited to call the local police and ask to join if I am to be raided.
Lot's of support via mail. People say they want to mirror, I reply I can't have anything to do with that. But please inform me or put it anonymously in the Guest Book!
Origo (a Norwegian seach index) covered it first (old link:

November 7 1996:
Operation Clambake's web page officially released at 0730pm Norwegian time. Press releases sent to media (Norwegian text) and mail/news.

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