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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

December 11th 1997
The biggest newspaper where I live covered the development.

Stavanger Aftenblad

December 9th 1997 covered the closing in an article today.

December 8th 1997
My ISP in Norway ( closes down Clambake and tells me the reason is complaints from the Norwegian cult lawyers. They have been complaining about the following 4 pages:

After I contacted my ISP and told them these pages was authored by either me or other critics, they of course re-opened them. Their lawyers are now looking at the claims from the cult.

November 7th 1997


Celebrated with new domain (,
a new archive of Scientology related court files
and this post.

October 17th 1997
Sent an invitation for a global party when Clambake celebrates 1 year.

October 16th 1997
Grady Ward got his account cancelled by his ISP just because a Scientologist complained about a post he did to ARS. I made a page to follow the development.

October 15th 1997
Been to the Police Headquarters in Stavanger today and given them a full report of what happened yesterday. They vere very interested in the ufo cult I suspected could be behind this. I gave them all the dirty details on why I had good reason to suspect why they could do such a stupid thing. Even met one of the same guys I met one year ago when I was there last.

October 14th 1997
For the record:
Today, October 14th at 19:50, a guy rings my doorbell. When I open the door he askes if I have a friend called Kristian. Since he did not look like a friend of my brother in Oslo, who is called that, I tell him that I have no such friend. I tell him he must have comed to the wrong place. He says that was strange because he was driven here earlier and told to come to this apartment (he points at my window out to the street) and deliver 5 grams of "stuff" (didn't understand exactly what he said, but it was clear enough from the amount and the type that it was not grams of bubblegum). I made it very clear to this guy that he defenitely had comed to the wrong place and that I will call the police if he ever comes here again. Then I slammed the door in his face.
So, if this is some stunt from OSA; I never did drugs, I have absolutely no plan to ever use any type of illegal drugs and I will continue my work against all types of illegal drugs!
You defenitely have the wrong strategy if you plan to get any drug accusations stick to me.
I've just called the local police department and promised them to send a written report tomorrow.

October 8th 1997
Follow-up report on the new development sent to ARS and the Clambake mailing list.

October 6th 1997
The cults lawyers in Norway is rattling their tail, my lawyer got a letter (page 1 and 2, with appendix A, B1, B2 and B3). Notice appendix A, they have erased "XENU" from the printout of my home page!!! Their fax says "The ______ Leaflet". They are really paranoid about this galactic ruler, aren't they? CLAM TRAP: XENU! XENU! XENU! XENU! XENU! XENU! XENU! XENU! XENU!
I do not recognise their print-out from my home page, and therefor accuse RTC or their Norwegian lawyers of manipulating evidence! Read the respons my lawyer sent to the cult lawyers. Will they sue me before I sue them? Read my report to ARS.

September 1st 1997
After contact with a German journalist in the news magazine FOCUS they printed this article about our infamous Norwegian Scientologist Dan Viggo Bergtun. That's the same guy who made the false interview with the Norwegian Minister of Defence and claimed he read a Hubbard book and so on. Now this Bergtun guy is out to fool even more people.

August 7th 1997
A similar case with making public documents on the net which someone try to stop claiming they are copyrighted is going on in Nottingham. An article available at Wired called Nottingham v. Net: Game, Set, Match to Net.

A Norwegian net magazine (member part of SOL) had an article about the same thing, they mentined my page with this quote:

Foreløpig er det bare Scientologikirken som har penger/advokater og overbevisning til slike korstog i cyberspace. Folk med hjemmesider på SOL er blant de mange som har vært verter for hemmelige skrifter som avslører det beryktede kirkesamfunnets metoder. Også i denne saken har brudd mot åndsverkslover blitt benyttet av scientologene, men dette har bare hjulpet fra gang til gang og knapt nok det. Skriftene inneholder tekst med innhold som Tom Cruise og andre ikke fullt så rike troende må betale hundre tusenvis av kroner for å få innsyn i.

August 5th 1997
Pages opened again.

August 1st 1997
Page closed down at because I had used more space there than I was allowed to. Because I was away I didn't manage to fix the error before they closed my site. This was my fault and not my ISP. I should have checked the space used before going away.

July 18th 1997
Nolo-Press Self-Help Law Center has an article called Freedom of Religious Profit in it's Nolo's Legal Word mentioning Operation Clambake.


July 5th 1997
New critical server opened:
First on the server was Tom Klemesrud deposition in RTC vs. Erlich lawsuit.

The following report posted to ARS today:

Operation Clambake has grown into something I never had planned. Now, 8 months from it birth, the site is spread over 3 different accounts I have and has a size of 38,192,762 bytes.

The "worst" is that I'm not half done yet, there is a lot of projects screaming to be finished or started. But since I also have got a pretty demanding job I have to take it easy. One solution to this would be that CoS sued me. If I have to go to court with these clams it would take all my time and probably even more. That would mean I may resign my job and move from Stavanger to my family Oslo (where the org is, hehe). I'm the type that gets seriousely involved when I start something.

Since I got a very good job now I will hold on to that as long as there are no reason not to. But it has been the plan all along to give any lawsuits first priority. I've done my best, almost begged Helena Kobrin to fulfill her threats and go for it. No luck so far and I still live in Stavanger employed as an IT Manager.

So dearest Helena: It would be easier for me to do some serious work on the org in Oslo if I were there, and since your lawyers also are in Oslo it would help you too if I moved there. Get those people working, drown me in lawsuits so that I can fully dive into this "crusade" with all my effort and time! I challenge you, do you hear???

I admit I sometimes get tired of the whole cult, so far you Helena have been so sweet and helped me by doing some stupid stunt that woke the anger or will to fight inside me. Now I'm honestly worried about the poor girl, where is she??????

I propose a public request to CoS to give us proof of her well-being! A staged press conference is not good enough, only a personal meeting (under 4 eyes) is good enough.

Don't despair Helena, we'll get you out! :-)

June 30th 1997
Co$ pays up in Norway! But the org in Denmark had to send the money! Read more about it.

June 28th 1997
Weekend trivia for Helena; Thomas hosts all the secret files.

June 27th 1997

Front page Dagbladet
The story about the fake letters and interviews with the Norwegian Minister of Defence hit the front page of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet today!!!!

June 26th 1997
Helena is alive!!! Or at least her account is, Geir in Norway just got a letter....

Today I also broke the big news that CoS faked letters and interviews with the Norwegian Minister of Defence in their newspaper Good News. Read my post to ARS.

June 24th 1997
Was going through my guestbook on Operation Clambake today and saw this link to a picture which was explained as something to look at if one wanted some fun. Well, it was a picture of a woman and her dog, and they were not playing with sticks the way most people do.

Thanks OSA, but you have to do better than that if you want to frame me (sorry all you other OSA dudes who missed it, the link is now deleted). I suggest OSA keep their personal interests on their own domain in the future...

June 23rd 1997
Posted The Assist Lecture to ARS today. Not heard anything from our beloved Helena K Kobrin.....

June 22nd 1997
Today I posted NED for OTs Series 34 which claims it can heal physical condition and did a re-post of OT III. Didn't hear anything from Kobrin this time either. Must be ok then....

June 21st 1997
Posted my report from London and the visit to the org in Tottenham Court Road today. You can read it here.

June 9th 1997
I got a CD in the mail today. It's a CD that they sell in shops for off-line browsing. On the CD is my homepage. The CD got a price tag saying 7-ELEVEN on the colorful cover. I will not say what country it is, but it is not in this part of the world and they had about 20 million inhabitants in the 80's (I got old figures).

Figure that one out OSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you better hurry....

"Good Hunting." -LRH in OT3

June 8th 1997
Today I posted OT III to the newsgroup ARS. Kobrin didn't even send me a threatening e-mail. It was cancelled once, but the re-post was not cancelled! Have RTC given up?

June 7th 1997
Rod Kellers A.R.S. Week In Review is from today available on Operation Clambake in HTML format. A.R.S. Week In Review is a summary of the most important and interesting postings to the famous newsgroup. Updated each week.

June 1st 1997
It's now official that Magne Berge won the lawsuit against CoS in Norway!!!! 3 High Court judges voted unanimously to reject the appeal from the cult. Read the verdict here (Norwegian). The verdict is now final and they have to pay about 850.000 Norewgian kroner or go bankrupt. More news and scan of verdict will come here soon. The biggest newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten, reports about the victory.

May 7th 1997


May 4 1997
Kobrin sends me an e-mail today claiming their Norwegian lawyer will contact me soon. Will there be a lawsuit now? Even if this was just another unverifiable note I did reply to it.

May 3 1997
Grady Ward posts to ARS informing that RTC just filed (under seal) a new list of the people that they believe he have been conspiring with by telephone. My name appears on the list. RTC have asked Magistrate Edward A. Infante to supply them the date, time, and duration of any contacts Ward may have had with people on the list.

Seems like the cult still believe there is a conspiracy going on.

May 2 1997
At first I planned to keep the files there awaiting the answer from my ISP. But so many asked me to remove them to make sure Operation Clambake stayed on the net. So at exactly 12:00 I deleted the requested files and changed the link. But my ISP still closed my page anyway. A couple of phonecalls and it was soon up again.

April 29 1997
My ISP writes me and tells me to remove NOTs and ther Clearing Course Instruction Booklet. A quick translation would be:

[list of files]
These are pages with a content that are desputed, and since the involved parts are unwilling to do this in the correct way you have to remove the pages.

You are given a deadline to 12:00 o'clock Friday May 2nd, if the pages still are up your home page directory will be removed.

So I'm not willing??? What is this stupid shit??? I've never ever refused any debate with Co$/RTC or refused to go through any of their proof. The problem is that both RTC and my ISP denies me access to any of it!!!! My ISP is totally unwilling to talk to me and RTC is having a ball lying and scaring the shit out of them. And how does the "logic" of my ISP work? They say I have to remove the files because I am unwilling! And when I try to disprove the claims from RTC (which I'm not allowed to read) they refuse to read it. This contrary to their claim both to the media and to me earlier that that is just what I have to do to get the files back on my page.

My ISP don't want to get involved, I understand that wish since Scientology is a messy thing to get involved with. They say they are not a party in this battle, but the problem is that they made themself a party when they joined and started to listen only to RTC. If they really choose only to listen to the claims from RTC which it looks like now, then they are not only a party, but they have also choosen a side. They are going to get very badly burned if the don't change very soon.

This is the correspondence we had that day (in Norwegian):

April 12 1997
Big article in Klassekampen (a Norwegian newspaper) about the war on the net against Scientology! Title of article 'SCIENTOLOGIENS HELLIGE KRIG' (THE HOLY WAR OF SCIENTOLOGY). Zenon Panoussis, Operation Clambake and all the works. :)


April 7 1997


April 3 1997
I put NOTs back on my page because it is now proven RTC does not represent the owners of the copyright. You're fucked Helena K. Kobrin, you are a proven liar!!!! More information on the NOTs page.

March 25 1997

Wall Street Journal
Operation Clambake was mentioned in the editorial of the most respected and widely-read business newspaper in America, namely Wall Street Journal. Extract from the editorial "The Scientology Problem":
"For one thing, they are confronting the Internet, using copyright and other laws to inhibit their critics, who gather in a discussion group called alt.religion.scientology. Scientologists have succeeded with U.S. copyright suits against the posting of secret Hubbard texts, but have angered the Internet community. The texts keep appearing, for example on a Norwegian site calling itself Operation Clambake. Further litigation is currently under way in San Jose and Denver, with the patience of presiding jurists being tested by both Scientologists and "netizens." Internet defendants are now challenging the validity of the copyrights, and seeking to depose the secretive Mr. Miscavige about the circumstances of their transfer."
Used with permission from The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition,
Copyright 1997 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All rights reserved.

February 10 1997
digi:media also reports about the closing (old link:

February 7 1997
Origo Netnytt writes about Scandinavia Online closing Operation Clambake (old link:

February 1997
The Norwegian magazine 'Gateavisa' has a fantastic 10 page report on Scientology! (issue 158 (1/97)) Dagbladet reports about the article. It covers everything possible. Co$ in Norway tells Gateavisa they will not sue because Gateavisa is so small, I reckon they don't dare! ;) Well done!

February 4 1997
Been a lot of additions since last report here. Cleaned up in the link list and added Hubbard lectures, hand written OT3 and HCOB's. Nothing heard or seen from RTC, I would really like to be a fly on the wall in their offices now! The wind has changed, they are in big trouble!
Please keep up helping in the fight against organised crime, spread the word about the war between Co$ and the Net!

January 18 1997
Just before midnight the "L" Rundowns was included in the "Secret Library" on this site. It's out, let's see the clams make this into a hopeless fight against the net too.
New press release was sent to Scandinavian press (Norwegian text).

January 16 1997
Operating Clambake has been up for 10 weeks, serving NOTs and the Fishman Affidavit all the time.

January 12 1997
The "Secret Library" has been given an adition; a transcript of the lecture "Between Lives Implants" made by Hubbard in 1963 (Saint Hill Special Briefing Course). Interesting piece of text, really tells a lot about what kind of "level" his mind was at. A funny part is where he describes orientating by identifying Essex and Norway down on earth on one of his "mental space trips".... this time going dangerousely close to the sun! He asks the audience to fall out in the aisle if they faint while listening to what he has to say, and if they start screaming or anything they should go and do that out on the Pavillion. You are hereby warned if you decide to read it.

January 9 1997
Kobrin has returned, got a new mail from her which "places me on notice". In my answer I try to explain to her that this is Norway and neither she or an American judge has any authority here. Don't think she get's it though...

Latest news from Norway is a big article in the magazine Vi Menn this week, a translation will be put here soon (see scan of article). CoS in Norway has contacted the magazine as far as I know, they never learn do they? The article was about the space opera (Xenu etc.), the war on Internet, comments from professor Aagaard in Denmark and my escapades. One of WAA's cartoons was used to illustrate the article.
A Danish computer magazine also have a piece on CoS vs. the Net (Alt Om Data), but I haven't read this yet. If anybody in Denmark could send it to me I would be very grateful.
Some colleagues of mine in London told me that they heard my name and NOTs mentioned on the radio station there. I also know that a big international magazine is working on a new attack on CoS, they will use the Norwegian Berge lawsuit which CoS lost, amongst other things. I can't say more about this now, but I promise to keep them posted on the development in Norway. ;>

January 2 1997


Operation Clambake is today in total ectasy, serving you the "secret" NOTs and the Fishman Papers for 2 whole months! Co$ have tried to stop the site, but with no luck so far. Their threats now classify as just a big hoax as Dianetics and Scientology itself. The claimed representatives for RTC have failed on all accounts to follow up their claims that these documents are their copyrighted material. Calling it "trade secrets" would be an insult to any intelligent mind, knowing how poor they have been protected. Salutes to RTC for their poor work.

This is still just the beginning.... ;-)

I still have room for more, I would especially like to host a copy of L-rundowns and similar. If you have them or know where they are, please let me know! Of course your name will me kept secret, I'll delete any reference to you.

Keep up the good work friends. Help make 1997 into a year Co$ never will forget! ;)

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