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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

December 14th 1998
The Arts & Entertainment (A&E) cable TV network aired an Investigative Report looking into the conflict surrounding the controversial Church of Scientology. Is the Church guilty of threatening and driving its enemies into bankruptcy, or are the media and government harassing a legitimate religious organization? A&E showed clips from pickets held against the cult where picketeers carried signs showing the address to Operation Clambake and that generated thousands of new visitors. Welcome! You can view the whole A&E on-line at the Radio & TV Vault.

Arnie balloons
Arnie Lerma demonstrating carrying a picket sign
Big balloons with used at picket
December 2nd-5th 1998
Critics gathered in Clearwater Florida to hold a vigil for Lisa McPherson, who died after being held against her will at the cult Fort Harrison Hotel, November/December 1995. Many pictures and reports from the vigil can be found here. 10 public busses with "" and other critical links were also used, but the cult managed to force the bus company to take them off duty. Images by Bob Minton and Grady Ward.

Flying banner on Lisa
Airplane with big banner over cult mekka

December 1st 1998
Got a present by snail mail today! It was a copy of the French book "La Secte" with a dedication from the author Roger Gonnet. Sub title is "Secte armée pour la guerra" and it had an introduction by Xavier Walter. This is hot from the presses, now I really have to learn some French! :-) The publisher is Alban Éditions and the ISBN number is 2-911751-04-3, for those who want to get a copy. Thanks Roger!!!

November 22nd 1998
I was cleaning up my in-box today and found this new threat from Moxon & Kobrin law firm. Now I'm getting really pissed! Could someone in US please assist me in suing or reporting this joke of a law firm? They know I got a lawyer in Oslo, they even have his address, still they illegally send legal threats directly to me! I'm sick of it, they should not be allowed to practice law IMO.

The threat itself is another story, totally idiotic. But I'm not going to even concider it since it should never have been sent to me in the first place! How stupid can Scientology make these people??? Read and weep! I'll really be looking forward to this lawsuit, if they dare to do it.

November 21st 1998
The biggest newspaper in Norway (VG) has a two page article called "Scientology SECRET PRICELIST" today. I posted a short translation of it to ARS.

November 14th 1998

CNN reports on the death of Lisa McPherson, and in the article they have a link to Operation Clambake!!!!


November 7th 1998


Eat that cult lawyer Helena K Kobrin and the cult lawyers at Haavind & Haga in Oslo!


November 6th 1998
My lawyer replies to the cult lawyers. In short terms he tells them to find a better client (translated extracts available).

November 4th 1998
I sent out a mail with the news in English.

The ebook "Battle of the Books" by Eric Eldred had a paragraph about the war against Scientology. I sent an e-mail to the author to correct some errors.

November 2nd 1998
The Norwegian laws firm Haavind & Haga sends a letter to my lawyer (page 1 and 2), again, threatening with lawsuits. Tell me to remove NOTs 34 and a couple of policy letters.

October 15th 1998
New icons in the left pane on the front page gave Operation Clambake a new look today. Also added a new page called "How to support the fight against Scientology".

October 3rd 1998
Passing through London I was lucky to be able to join a picket outside the cult shop in Tottenham Court Road today. Great fun!

September 4th 1998
Two new additions to Operation Clambake today. Made a Donation Page with info for those who have money they want to see used against this cult. The page lists 3 persons who have been through a lot fighting the cult and need help to continue their work, or have huge debts to their lawyers, and 1 organisation called FACTNet which fights the cult both on the 'net and in court. The other item added today was a new RealVideo file of a 60 Minutes program about Scientology back in 1980. The new file is found in the Radio & TV Vault.

August 29th 1998
ARSCC SFO Chapter Meeting ARSCC SFO Chapter Meeting, lot's of banners with on! :-) Press image to view full size.

August 1st 1998
Stephen A. Kent (PhD) is a professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta. Recently he was a victim of Dead Agenting by the cult when they tried to spread defamatory and libelous statements about him and his research on new and alternative religions.

A free community-oriented newspaper that is distributed widely throughout the city of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), called The Edmonton Examiner, distributed in early June about 3100 copies with Freedom journal as an insert into copies of the paper that were distributed near the University in which Dr. Kent works. Freedom, of course, is published by the Church of Scientology International. Dr. Kent contacted the newspaper and pointed out the contents of the Freedom journal to the newspaper's publisher, who quickly added an apology in a later edition of the paper.
In the same distribution area that had received the Freedom journal insert, the Edmonton Examiner also included a 1 page insert from Dr. Kent, where he writes:

For readers who are bewildered about the debate between Scientology and me, I suggest that they do their own research. Logging on to "Operation Clambake" on the World Wide Web at is the fastest way to access what usually is thoughtful and insightful information. Brace yourself, because you will not believe what you read. I urge you to pay particular attention to analyses of Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) program, about which I have written and spoken extensively in Germany and elsewhere. Also read carefully about the tragic death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson which has even been the subject of a television news program on CBS's Public Eye with Bryant Gumbel earlier this year.

Today the guestbook on my personal home page was attempted bombed by someone posting 250kb of libelous statements about my mother and references to satanist sites. Probably as a respons to the two articles yesterday. I suspect the cult didn't like what I said there.

July 31st 1998
Stavanger Aftenblad The newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad printed an article about Internet censorship which is a hot subject in Norway now. The title was "Internet? Ethichs, thanks!" Had a picture of a monitor with the Operation Clambake site and me, and an interview on the subject of censorship.

The Norwegian netzine S-OL iD also published their article about me and the fight against CoS. This is more personal about me, but also focus around the fight against CoS. Maybe some DA material in here for CoS? All in Norwegian, sorry, but some pictures for the incurable curious.

July 22nd 1998
Got the following "award":

Key Resource
Links2Go Key Resource
Scientology Topic

July 15th 1998

First Salon Magazine publishes their article "A Web of their own" and then the Norwegian webzine Scandinavian Online (SOL) publishes an article called "Scientologene avslÝrt - sensurerer Internett" (Norwegian text, brief translation). Both of them cover the exposure of the censor software made by the Cult of Scientology to lure onto the computers of their members. What an interesting day.

July 13th 1998
Today I got a CD in the mail from andreux in USA. The CD is called "ENNUI - ritual & dogma" and has the URL's to the Church of the SubGenius and Operation Clambake printed inside the cover. Go get this CD!!! Ordering info is over at The number you want to order is SER1007. Costs about $14US including shipping and handling. Andreux writes on ARS:

"Considering "Gratitude" [track 12] was based off of a dream I had when reading OTIII, it seemed only fair to credit the place where I had originally started to learn about such things, which was Andreas' website.

It's essentially a way of saying "Thank you". And, if there are people out there like me who actually READ the inside cover of CD's, they'll perhaps look up the site and get informed."

June 28th 1998
The NBC Dateline program is now available at Radio & TV Vault. You will need RealPlayer to view it.

June 24th 1998
Ratings for the top 10 shows in America the week of June 15-21 just arrived (see June 16th comments on what happened then):

1.Dateline NBC-TuesdayNBC11.0
3.Just Shoot MeNBC10.4
4.PrimeTime LiveABC10.1
6.Dateline NBC-MondayNBC9.5
7.60 MinutesCBS9.3
10.Touched By an AngelCBS9.0

This means Bob Minton and this web site was viewed in something like 10,780,000 homes last week (1 rating point = 980,000 homes). The most viewed show in America that week!! No wonder even my ISP with the biggest bandwidth in the world (TABNet) crumbled during and after the show!

Posted to ARS by Paulette Cooper

June 18th 1998
Clam guarding the NOTs The so-called Scientology bible, NOTs, will stay public at the parliament in Sweden. To make a long story short: In Sweden they have something called the "Offentlighetsprincip" which is to secure public access to all information going in and out of public offices. During the lawsuits against Zenon Panoussis who posted NOTs to the Net, someone mailed the evidence from the lawsuit to the parliament and several other public offices. They were archived and put on public display. For a year the Scientologists have guarded the public copy by sitting in the library holding on to it (but only at one of the locations where it were available!), while they lobbied the parliament and the government to change the Swedish constitution. Now the Swedish court has ruled that the documents can not be sealed, meaning anybody in the whole world can order the Scientology "secrets" from the Parliament in Sweden! The ruling is final.

June 16th 1998

NBC Dateline
NBC Dateline had a program on Scientology and Bob Minton. In the program they also showed links to and images from Operation Clambake. The number of visits jumped 1500% just in a few hours during and after the show! Sent an e-mail to Tabnet to warn them that RTC probably would try to close down Operation Clambake again.
Operation Clambake      OT III      Bob Minton

June 1998
Rethinking Jonestown Salon Magazine has a review called "Rethinking Jonestown" of the book "Hearing the Voices of Jonestown" by Mary McCormick. The review has a link to Operation Clambake.

June 7th 1998
David Gerard reports to ARS that the a free music paper in Sidney mentiones the address to Operation Clambake in their 18 May 1998 edition.

June 1st 1998
Today Tabnet closed down Operation Clambake. When I couldn't log on to Clambake I phoned Tabnet in America asking for an explanation. They then sent me an e-mail explaining what had happened. Allegedly RTC has sent them a complaint about the "Orientation Film 3" animated parody image. I promptly sent them a reply and a report to ARS. When the site was opened again I sent a new mail to Tabnet with some questions.

May 24th 1998
New page with links to the most famous video and sound clips from the media: The TV & Radio Vault

May 21st 1998
Operation Clambake was reviewed in the latest issue of Lynx Links, an e-mail delivered digest reviewing internet sites "which are both excellent in quality and exceptionally functional for Lynx browser users."

May 17th 1998
Opened a page about the Henson lawsuit Includes trial transcripts, commentary, related cases, background info and of course NOTs 34.

May 13th 1998
LA WEEKLY prints an article titled "Critics say Scientology plans to gum Net" which mention Operation Clambake and gives the URL.


May 8th 1998
Woke up to a e-mail supposedly from the infamous account I promptly sent an e-mail to the cult lawyer Helena K. Kobrin.

May 7th 1998
Today Operation Clambake is

1 1/2 YEARS !!!!!!
Celebrated by releasing The H-Files.

May 3rd 1998

Interviewed on NRK P1 (national radio in Norway) about my fight against Scientology. The program was "På Kirkebakken" ("On the Church Green") and was aired twice.

April 20st 1998
I held a one hour lecture on Scientology in Cafe Sting Nere in Stavanger today. 25 persons came to listen. There was debate for almost two hours afterwards. No Scientologists present as far as I could see, but I later learned that OSA had been in town but didn't find the cafe... :-) It's only the most known cafe in town.

At 08:00 I was at NRK Radio (for this county) where I was interviewed about this fight against Scientology and the lecture I was having later today.

April 17th 1998
OC WEEKLY World View makes a link to Operation Clambake in their article Can Scientologists censor the Web?


March 26th 1998
The cult is trying to get their members to put out parody "personal" homepages, but they are all almost identical and not very personal (see example). Operation Clambake want to join the campaign and made two new "personal" homepages, one for Xenu and one for L Ron Hubbard. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make the pages better.

March 23rd 1998
YES! I know you have been dying to know the release date, but despare no more! It is here, the SP sequel to the "Orientation Film 2": Orientation Film 3

You can post your vote on Lycos "Community Guide" on Cults. Operation Clambake is currently # 10, but there are many other good sites missing here. Post your vote!

March 22nd 1998 wrote to alt.religion.scientology:

For all the years I've been reading Scientology publications, I can not recall ever seeing an apology before. In "Good News: A Scientology Newspaper" (undated, un-numbered, but copyright 1997) on page 5 is a "for the record" box. It tells that the last Good News had an incorrect attribution to the Norwegian Minister of Defense. "The recognition of LRH and The Way to Happiness was actually made by National Civil Defense Inspector, Mr. O. Meland..." and then it quotes Mr. Meland. Does anyone else remember ever seeing an apology in a Scientology publication?
See the full story here

March 14th 1998
Picket held in Los Angeles with a big banner with the URL to Clambake! Press image to see full size. Picture is taken in-front of the American Saint Hill Organization.

March 10th 1998
American cult lawyers travel to Oslo to meet my lawyer! Read my report to alt.religion.scientology!

March 3rd 1998
Made several new banners. Most are quotes about Scientology, from judges etc. Feel free to use any on your site.

March 1st 1998

Scientology Unmasked
Boston Herald started a series of articles about Scientology called Scientology Unmasked. A link to Operation Clambake in "Battle sites in the Web war" gave a a lot of new visitors.

UPDATE April 30th 2006: Boston Herald no longer host the article, but a copy is available her.

Boston Herald

February 12th 1998
Scientologists keeps claiming that what I do is "nothing but propaganda and untruths. Fiction generated to make Scientology sound somehow sinister and bad." I'm tired of listening to their complaints, I want facts! Today I did a repost of my offer to make Operation Clambake better, and include comments from Scientologists. (PS: 1 month after this invitation, no Scientologist had managed to find any untruth on my pages! Not one dared to document their allegations, which leads me to believe they were lies from the beginning.)

February 10th 1998
On an invitation from Skepsis the student organisation I travelled to Bergen today where I did a 45 minute presentation of Hubbard, Dianetcs and Scientology, followed by questionsfrom the audience. Will be doing this presentation different places in the future and the slides I've made will be available on the net for others to use.

January 12th 1998
I've now added a HotBot search utility on the bottom of the front page of Operation Clambake. From there you can seach by choosing one of the following four options:

  1. Operation Clambake
  2. Accross 6 critical domains
  3. Scientology Home Page
  4. the Web
The first narrows the search to all files on, it also includes all documents in The Court Files. The second option does the search accross the following critical domains:,,,, and Third option does searches limited to the CoS domain And the fourth is an ordinary search on the whole Web.

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