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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

Desember 16 1999
New Times Los Angeles links to Operation Clambake in their feature story today called Double Crossed.

November 24 1999
Operation Clambake has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Opposing_Views/Scientology category.

November 19 1999
The closing of Operation Clambake is debated on Stats for the site today went sky high!

My ISP tells me they now are convinced by the arguments given and will "reactivate the site"!!! Another foot bullet from the cult, more publicity to the critics.

November 17 1999
My ISP decides to close Operation Clambake after having received several complaints from the lawyers (Moxon & Kobrin) representing Religious Technology Center (RTC) and Bridge Publishing, Inc. Read the communication with the lawyer for the ISP to get the site opened again.

The image below is me holding the book aout Hubbard that the Scientologists gave me in Oslo when they picketed against my lecture at the universe. I'm according to them not allowed to scan the front page and put it here, but can they stop me from taking a picture of myself holding something they gave me? Let's try them!

Forbidden image

November 7 1999
Operation Clambake celebrates 3 years on-line today!

October 15 1999
Big article in the Norwegian Newspaper called Osloposten about the Scientology company U-MAN. Interviews with Magne Berge and the author of Operation Clambake. In the article U-MAN claims they have reported me to the police in Norway for the letters I send to their customers warning them about the suspected connection between U-MAN and the Cult of Scientology. After contacting the police several times it turns out that this was a lie, they never reported me to the police. More information available here (Norwegian text).

August 7 1999

I held a lecture about Scientology and Hubbard at the University in Oslo today. OSA came to greet me. :-) They gave out a glossy brochure about Hubbard and three stenciles about my lecture and me (OSA pages: A, B, C1, C2, D and E).

LectureMagne and MatthiasMatthias Fosse
Title of the lecture was "From Science-Fiction to Cult"
The only SP9 in Norway, Magne Berge, together with Matthias Fosse from OSA.
Matthias Fosse is Information Secretary for the Cult of Scientology in Oslo, Norway.

June 8 1999
The site is now moved to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP). I have done a major clean-up of the whole site also. The 3 newest items on the page is:

May 18 1999
My letter to the editor was printed in Stavanger Aftenblad today. A translation is also available.

May 3 1999
The Norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad printed an article about the "intolerance page" on me (Norwegian text).

May 1 1999
Statistics for April 1999 is now available.

April 20 1999
The Scientology cult put up a Dead Agent (DA) page on me today. According to the Scientologists they received "an anonymous package" about me. Not anything there to get excited about in my opinion; just some info on my loans, address, telephone numbers, type of car, where I work etc. Mostly information already available on my personal home page. I posted a reply to their page on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.

April 12 1999
I receive an e-mail reporting that Operation Clambake made a Big Win(tm) in Hollywood.

April 7 1999
Got a big thick envelope from Moxon & Kobrin yesterday. Going in the garbage, unread. If it's legal then they are obliged to send it to my lawyer and not to me. If it's not legal then I'm not interested in unsolicited garbage from them.

March 30 1999
Operation Clambake is Grouse! site of the day at Very Internet.

March 29 1999

"The best known of the critical Web sites is Operation Clambake (, a massive library of information on Scientology operated by Andreas Heldal-Lund, a Norwegian critic who has operated his Web site despite dozens of letters threatening legal action by Scientology."
A quote from an article in St. Petersburg Times today. The article is part 2 of 2 of Lucy Morgan's special report on Scientology and is presented in several sections - "At Home" and "Abroad", and a separate article on the Internet. As with yesterday's feature story, this one starts on the front page (below the fold in the Tampa edition) and takes up two full pages on the inside. Photos include Keith Henson picketing a Celebrity Center, Bob Minton posing with a picket sign and a fright mask, Judge Swearinger's dog Duke (both the real dog as well as the water-winged picket prop), Jean-Jacques Mazier arriving at court in Lyon, and the President of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch, being led away in handcuffs in Spain! The article also includes a list of links to both pro and con sites about Scientology.
[part of text quoted from the cosmedia list]

February 28 1999
The web site of the Free State of Bavaria (Germany) has a few Scientology related links. Three links go to the national and state agencies. One goes to a state institution. One goes to the evangelic church of Zürich. The remaining three goes to Tilman Hausherr, Operation Clambake and FACTNet respectively.

Zenon Panoussis reported it and wrote: "When a government links to your home page, you have certainly achieved something. I don't know exactly what, but whatever it is, it deserves an extra cluster of clam clusters."

January 24 1999
The biggest newspaper in Norway, VG, prints a letter to the editor written by Joe Harrington and myself.

January 22 1999
Site finally opens during the day, but I never heard anything from my ISP. Not even an answer to my questions on how to avoid this misunderstanding in the future. This is the second time they refuse to answer my questions. I'm considering another ISP if my questions aren't answered.

January 21 1999
Site still closed. Nobody at Verio returns my calls or answers my questions, but finally one guy (thanks!) in support who tells me the account is put on hold by accounts receivable. I send an e-mail to the accounts receivable department explaining the problem and tell them the account is paid.

January 20 1999
I reply (English translation) to the lawyer claiming to represent U-MAN that I will not stop what I do and I will certainly not apologise to them. What I will do is to assume U-MAN will listen to their lawyer and sue me as he writes he will recommend.

Today my ISP (Internet Service provider) (Verio) close down Operation Clambake without letting me know. After several long distant telephone calls and e-mail exchange I have no luck getting hold of anybody who can help me. The site stays closed.

January 16 1999
I receive a letter from a lawyer (English translation) claiming to represent U-MAN in Norway demanding me to stop "my activity" immediately and write an apology to U-MAN. I assume they refer to my letters to their customers informing them about my suspected connection between U-MAN and the "Church" of Scientology.

January 13th 1999
JAM! MOVIES has an interview with Scientologist John Travolta today titled "Travolta has his sights set on Battlefield" (old link: In the right frame there are two items under the column "Related Links". The first goes to a page about John Travolta, but the second one is called "More on Scientology" and links to Operation Clambake. 8-)

January 8th 1999
The Norwegian cult lawyers sent a new letter to my lawyer before the holiday telling me to remove text copyprotected by RTC. I sent a letter with my comments (text in Norwegian) to their letter to my lawyer, and a copy to the cult lawyers.

Arnie Lerma appeared on the Jim Bohannon Show this week, carried on the Westwood One radio network (400+ stations in USA). This show was rebuttal to a show Jim Bohannon did with Heber last week. Covered topics included: Heber in handcuffs see picture at, xenu, subliminal shock therapy=emeter, Lisa, harassment as purpose of lawsuit, Scientology attacks psychs cause competitors, world domination, How to find a ruin /recruitment techniques/promise them anything, medical claims,,,,

January 2nd 1999
An OT VII / Class V auditor "with half the OEC course under the belt" started writing to me in December telling me I was a fool. Having heard how good Scientology is supposed to make you in the art of communicating, I couldn't recist checking it out. This is a page with the e-mail exchange as it happened. You be the judge who is the real fool.

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