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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

December 31 2000
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Xenu with friends

A big New Year Greeting from Xenu and his friends! :-)

December 12 2000
Today I received a letter from the Swedish cult lawers Magnusson Wahlin Advokatbyrå (page 1, 2 and 3) demanding that I remove several pages from my site. In my reply I told them to address my lawyer, in Norwegian with references to Norwegian laws. Period.

December 8 2000
I received a letter from a Canadian law firm called Growling Lafleur Henderson LLP representing Mr. Brent Luckman. According to the 3 letters inside the envelope Luckman has been defamed by material posted on the newsgroup alt-religion-scientology (ARS). Because Operation Clambake hosts the ARS Week In Review they complained about the posts mentioning Luckman. The 3 letters are:

November 7 2000
Operation Clambake celebrates:

My post to ARS today announcing 3 new pages.

September 29 2000
I replied to the lawyer representing my US ISP and to one of my Norwegian ISP's (latter in Norwegian only).

September 20 2000
The lawyer representing my US ISP's (Interliant) receives a letter from Moxon & Kobrin, the law firm representing the cult (page 1, 2 and 3) complaining about an image that isn't there (see image in my post August 16 2000)! Asks my ISP to cancel my account by claiming I "commit the same infringements over and over again". Luckily my ISP got some brains and refuses to do so. Thanks. :)

September 11 2000
The lawyer representing my US ISP's (Interliant) receives a letter from Moxon & Kobrin, the law firm representing the cult (page 1 and 2) complaining about the NOTs 34 analysis and two banners. They also repeats the complaints about me using words as "SCIENTOLOGY" and "DIANETICS" as metatags on my pages since they have trademarked these words. My very good ISP refuses to acknowledge that such use of trademarks are illegal.

September 5 2000
The lawyer representing my US ISP's (Interliant) receives a letter from Moxon & Kobrin, the law firm representing the cult (page 1 and 2) demanding reply on previous correspondence.

September 4 2000
The lawyer representing one of my Norwegian ISP's (Kvalito does not listen to bullsh*t!) receives a letter from (yet another) new Norwegian law firm representing the cult (page 1 and 2, in Norwegian only) complaining about the Cult Photoalbum.

August 17 2000
Ava Paquette sends yet another threat to my ISP. But you can still see it here. What an incompetent cult.

August 16 2000

A UFO cult

Ava Paquette, who represent the cult on behalf of the law firm Moxon and Kobrin in Los Angeles, sent an e-mail to the lawyer representing my ISP ( demanding that I remove the image above and the two used on my page to prove how CoS tries to edit out people from history by removing them from pictures.

July 29 2000


The Wall Street Journal includes Operation Clambake on their "Our Favorite Sites" under the section "Opinion, Commentary and Gossip".

July 25 2000

I've been to visit the national radio station in Norway (NRK) where they interviewed me about Operation Clambake. The program is called Mamarazzi. Got 6-7 minutes to say my piece and they added a link to Operation Clambake on their website. It was aired at 12:10 and 21:10 today. Thanks NRK!! :)

OSA: Where were you? Ready for a tv debate now?

April 6 2000

Berliner Zeitung
Berliner Zeitung links to Operation Clambake in an article about John Travolta today!

April 6 2000

Rush Magazine
Operation Clambake is the Staff Selection in Rush Magazine today!

It's not just that they're kooky. It's not that they believe humans evolved from clams. It's not just that Battlefield Earth will be the worst film in history. It's not just that John Travolta is the worst actor in existence

No, the Church of Scientology deserves derision for a much better reason. They're a cult. Yes that's right. And no, they aren't a cult because they aren't a mainstream religion. They're a cult because they use physical and emotional manipulation to recruit and retain members, and brainwash them into 'donating' upwards of three hundred thousand dollars a person.

April 3 2000
Wrote a reply to a Scientologist in a Norwegian web magazine.

March 23 2000

The Guardian
The Guardian has an article today written by Nick Ryan called The gospel of the web. It is on the holy wars fought in cyberspace between religious movements and their critics. Mentiones Operation Clambake.

March 9 2000
The "PTS Assist" was closed today and replaced with the SOS - Survivors Of Scientology - message board. Also made the Post-Scientology Aid page today. Check them out!

February 22 2000

On the phone with WMCA in New York
On the phone with WMCA in New York

Tonight I got a call from Bob Grant-talk Radio at WMCA in New York. Some caller had mentioned twice and I guess they figured they'd call me and ask why I did this. You can listen to it here. Thanks to Sue there is a transcript available at

February 3 2000
From June 1999 to January 2000 Operation Clambake registred 4,575,972 successful requests to the site (keep in mind this is just the domain and all the rest is not included!). In the same period over 32 gigabyte of data was transferred.

January 15 2000
Today's hot-off-the-press tabloid "Atlanta Press," (Jan. 15-21, 1999; p. 8-10), a 32-page free weekly billing itself as: ..."metro Atlanta's alternative news weekly" and bearing resemblance to "City Paper" in other major municipalities, has on its cover a full-page "gray alien" face looking over the horizon of Planet Earth. The article included a link to Operation Clambake.

January 6 2000
Received fax from the laywer representing my ISP in US with the complaint from the cult including all the appendixes. All pages and my reply are now on-line!

January 5 2000
The Scientology cult threatens my US ISP (Internet Service Provider) and demands removal of an analysis of NOT's 34 made by Tilman Hausherr. To avoid extra work and waste of time for my US ISP I just changed the link to the original copy on my Norwegian site. Like in US one is allowed to quote within fair use in Norway so the cultists have no case here. Having it in Norway just makes it easier to defend my case against their lies and attempts to sabotage freedom of speech.

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