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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

November 7 2001


Eat that you silly cult!


September 27 2001
Sympathy for the Devil Feature article this week in New Times Los Angeles is Sympathy for the Devil by Tony Ortega. The article is about Tory Bezazian and how she as a very dedicated Scientologists helped fighting bad publicity and stop critics, and how she broke free from the claws of the Scientology cult after 30 years. Mentions Operation Clambake and how its author was involved in the intermezzo leading to these events.


The Website she stumbled upon,, is notorious internationally for its comprehensive attack on Scientology in all its forms. Also known as Operation Clambake, it is maintained by a man named Andreas Heldal-Lund, an information technology manager in Stavanger, Norway. [...]

To Bezazian, Operation Clambake seemed like the most hateful creation imaginable, a popular Website bearing a litany of charges against her religion that she couldn't imagine to be true. She admits that she hated Heldal-Lund, a man she had never met, spoken to, or even knew much about.

August 25 2001
I posted my comments regarding the donation to LMT to alt.religion.scientology today.

August 25 2001
A letter to the editor in LA Times today includes a link to Operation Clambake.

August 20 2001
The president of The Lisa McPherson Trust, Stacy Brooks, revealed during a deposition last week that that the trust got a donation for US$ 300,000 from Operation Clambake in April this year. Today the cult added an open letter to Norwegian tax authorities on their Dead Agent page on me.

July 26 2001
DA page on OC author The cult has released a new DA page on me. Also has a page mentioning the 3 publicly known ISP's that host Operation Clambake today. I posted a short comment about the page on me to ARS.
June 28 2001
The Message Board is now working again! :-)

June 23 2001
I don't even have FTP access to my Interliant account now and I am not able to download the message board to set up on the new server. This e-mail was sent to Interliant today.

June 15 2001
Interliant The US ISP Interliant hosting the site sent me an e-mail today warning me that they would disable the website in a few days due to "repeated complaints" from the cult. Not because I did something wrong, but because of alleged copyright infringements. Since I was away on travel I did not manage to act upon this in time and the site was unawailable for a few days. Thanks to a lot of help from fellow critics around the world we managed to move the domain to a Dutch ISP.

The mirror site was not affected by this since it is located in Norway. The message board on Operation Clambake will not work until Interliant open my account so I can download the files from there.

June 7 2001
The server is back up today.

June 2 2001
The US ISP hosting failure on their server rendering the site unavailable for several days. The live mirror is located on a Norwegian server as a backup and was not affected.

March 22 2001
Today the cult updated their hate page on me with a section called "HELDAL-LUND COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT". Is there finally a lawsuit coming?

March 16 2001

The Register
The Register has an article covering the legal threats from the cult against and links to Operation Clambake with the introduction:
"The absolute mother lode of Co$ dirt has to be the Operation Clambake Web site."

March 16 2001
Another foot bullet from the cult, or rather a foot bazooka this time. Somone posted OT III on and today the cult threatened them with lawsuit if they didn't remove the post. In their reply mention a lot of critical links to information on the cult, inluding Operation Clambake, resulting in a storm of supporting e-mails and the number of visits to this site timed by ten!

A quote from one of the e-mails:

Unfortunantly they did not realize something. Slashdot is a haven and gathering for some of the smartest computer users/hackers/crackers/gods in the world. [...] Talking to everyone I know, you can now count amongst your supporters and CoS haters about 50,000+ user/hackers/crackers/gods. We despise any company or organization forcing things by threats of lawyers and lawsuits. We have to power and knowledge/ability to easily shut down their computer networks, web sites, etc etc if we so choose. The debate continues. The CoS has been warned by us that any more litigation will not pass unnoticed.

Nice work, Cult!

March 12 2001
Tory Bezazian I put up a new page today. It is about about Tory Bezazian who exited the cult 7 months ago after being a member for 30 years. Download the videos and learn her story.

March 6 2001 has an article by Marc E. Fisher titled The Church of Ron with links to Operation Clambake.

February 21 2001

Sky News
The program Technofile on Sky News features Operation Clambake this week:

Ravi Vadgama, our resident webhound and games master took a look at a couple of sites this week.

Ravi looks at one of the most controversial sites on the web. Operation Clambake is an anti-scientology website and is causing rage amongst the community who subscribe to that particular religion.

February 17 2001
Bob Minton reports from court in Florida that the judge asked about Operation Clambake.

February 15 2001

El Pais
El Pais has a link to Operation Clambake among their list of suggested links.

February 13 2001
My US ISP received new silly threats from the cult today. Here you can see their letter: Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. This is my reply.

February 9 2001

Fri Tanke
Fri Tanke has an article on the PI's (English translation) investigating the author of Operation Clambake.

January 8 2001
The cult in Los Angeles has now hired a Norwegian Private Investigator in Oslo to investigate me. What kind of "church" acts like this?? I'll tell you. A cult that writes procedures like this HCOPL 25 "Attacks on Scientology":

  1. Spot who is attacking us.
  2. Start investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own professionals, not outside agencies.
  3. Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.
  4. Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.
Don't ever tamely admit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way.

But why do they do it? The answer can be read in L Ron Hubbard's Executive Directive ED 149 INT "Branch 5 Project, Project Squirrel":

If we do the above as our pattern, we will successfully bring the following facts into public consciousness:

  1. People who attack Scientology are criminals.
  2. That if one attacks Scientology he gets investigated for crimes.
  3. If one does not attack Scientology, despite not being with it, one is safe.

Well, if I were afraid of what dirt PI's might find on me I would not have gotten involved in this controvercy in the beginning. It's a good thing they spend their blood money on me rather than on defrauding more innocent and ruin families.

January 1 2001
Astounding Websites Operation Clambake is reviewed on Astounding Websites today. Extracts:

"Operation Clambake is a very well-documented resource devoted to fighting the Church of Scientology (CoS)."

"The layout and design are very clear and readable - I appreciate the "breathing space". The home page provides you with a very limited set of links to the main parts of the site, as well as a much more elaborate list of links to articles the site hosts (generally accompanied by a short abstract) - almost overwhelming.

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