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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

July 22 2003
Check out Hackles:
Click on image to go to page and follow the development of Squidentology!

July 13 2003

The next biggest newspaper in Norway had an article about Tom Cruise·s claim about Scientology helped him with his dyslexia. The story originates from People magazine. But Dagbladet added the following at the end of the article (translated by me):
Many are critical to what the Church of Scientology is doing. Andreas Heldal-Lund runs the web site He makes some very hard accusations against Scientology methods:

-The causes for dyslexia are neurobiological and genetic, that is not something one cures with Scientology methods. I claim that Cruise deliberately use this argument to lure more people into the Church of Scientology.

- I try to help victims of this cult every day, I know thousands of ruined lifes and families in Norway and the rest of the world, says Heldal-Lund.

June 2 2003

The National Law Journal
Article in The National Law Journal today mentiones the problems Operation Clambake had with Google last year (without mentioning OC by name).

June 1 2003

Verdens Gang
The biggest newspaper in Norway, Verdens Gang, had a feature article over two pages today about Operation Clambake, the webmaster and the Leipzig Award. Article is not available on their web page, sadly.
Verdens Gang 01.06.2003

May 25 2003
Operation Clambake being removed from Google is mentioned again in article in Google: Powerful Tool Has Altered Work, Social Habits, And Increased Privacy Concerns

May 18 2003

Award bill
Speech held by the creator of Operation Clambake when he received The Leipzig Award.

May 13 2003
Reports come in that the cult is starting to Dead Agent me. Probably as preparation for the Leipzig Award.

May 5 2003
Award mentioned in Operation Clambake's webmaster wins human rights award

May 2 2003
Same article in ZD Net today.

May 1 2003
Article in CNET Anti-Scientology site spurs award.

March 31 2003
New article in Dagbladet today, the next biggest newspaper in Norway. Very short summary:

The state employment service has a CV database on the 'Net. The cult writes to people seeking employment offering work "translating" at the org in Copenhagen (Denmark). One of the people who have received it and our hero Fosse (OSA) are interviewd, and myself. Has a link to Operation Clambake.

February 2 2003

The Boston Globe

Coverstory in The Boston Globe Magazine today "A Nation of Voyeurs" mentiones Google and Operation Clambake (quote):
That issue of control apparently changes, however, if you're a deep-pocketed, heavily-lawyered entity making a copyright infringement claim. Last year, lawyers for the Church of Scientology insisted that Google remove from its index links to, a Web site that is highly critical of the controversial church. They claimed that the site infringed on the church's copyrights and trademarks. Google promptly complied, to the horror of many Google fans who saw it as an abdication of the company's longstanding commitment to search purity. Google said it had no choice but to abide by federal copyright law, but critics pointed out that Google had in fact removed more than was required under law. In the end, Google restored some of the links and explained its reasoning to users. "Ultimately," Sergey Brin says, "where we ended up was the right conclusion, but we didn't initially handle it correctly."

Harvard Law's Zittrain says more clashes are on the way. "The cutting edge on such battles is often the Church of Scientology," he says. "They have very well honed procedures and tactics to remove information that they find objectionable." Check out a site called to see the growing list of letters from various parties demanding that Google remove information about them. What seems clear is that just as in Washington, some parties will have more power than others in the Internet democracy governing Google Nation.

January 29 2003
The Norwegian newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad has an article on the webmaster and author of Operation Clambake winning the Leipzig Human Rights Award 2003.

January 03 2003 The author of Operation Clambake is honored with the Mindful Award for January 2003.

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