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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

December 10 2005
Operation Clambake pickets against the Church of Scientology in London:

London 1 2004.12.10 London 1 2004.12.10 London 1 2004.12.10 London 1 2004.12.10 London 1 2004.12.10 London 1 2004.12.10

John Ritson's (speaking in the mic) picket report (Jens with the hat):

From: John Ritson <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Picket Report - London
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 19:07:19 +0000
Organization: British BodyThetan Society
Message-ID: <>

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A cold but clear day, and four suppressives (myself, Andreas, Hartley
and Jens) turned up outside the Tottenham Court Road 'org' to
commemorate the death of Lisa McPherson in Scientology's headquarters.
We were a bit late because of transport problems, so found the police
waiting for us for a change, but we carried on for later than scheduled
to make up for that.

We agreed with the police that we would have the boom-box at the
opposite side of the road from the 'org'. We decided to have two people
on each side of the road, and were very much supported by the
passers-by, with people shaking our hands and thanking us.

There was one weirdo, wearing dark glasses (I thought that was a no-no
for Scientology, but maybe Miscavige's squirreling of the 'tech' has
changed this as well) who gave me the death stare, which obviously made
him look stupid, and appeared to be complaining that we were denying
freedom of speech to the Scientologists. Probably he needs to spend more
money on Scientology communication courses....

The 'org' had a banner above their door celebrating Human Rights Day,
which gave us just the opportunity we needed to raise the issue of the
human rights of the victims of Scientology such as Lisa McPherson the
prisoners of the RPF.......
After a couple of hours we retreated to a warm hostelry to discuss
suppressive matters.

- --
John Ritson *** " An org full of individual decision points not covered by
group understanding is no org at all and will fail. It is a bunch of
individuals working at cross-purposes - each person okay, but the combined
strength of the "org" is only that of one person in a state of confusion!" - L.
Ron Hubbard - HCOPL 'Handling the Public Individual"

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November 19 2005
Religious Freedom Watch The cult put up their 7th page about me today:

More lies, but at least they must experience that what I do has some effect, since they bother to make this. And notice how they are too afraid to link to anything to document their claims. Behold, people might learn that cultists don't tell the truth!

November 16 2005
South Park - Scientology Today South Park premiered their episode "Trapped in a Closet" today. It totally debunks Scientology, incredibly funny! The champagne goes to the roof. Thank you Matt and Trey for a great evening, and for letting me host the episode on this site!

See the episode here: AVI format or Real Video format
(right click and save locally first for best performance).
November 7 2005
Operation Clambake celebrates 9 years!

Next year this time there will be a big party - and you are invited. :) Look out for more info later in 2006.

September 27 2005
NRK Interview in Norwegian national radio NRK P2, in the program RadioSelskapet in a report on the growing power of Google. Check the link named "RadioSelskapet 27.10.05 16:10" on this page (in Norwegian).

24 September 2005
Dagens Næringsliv The biggest business newspaper in Norway ( has an 7 page article today on Google titled "Business by the book". It's about the power of Goggle and features Operation Clambake and what happened back in 2002. Page 3 of the article has an almost full page picture of me and this is a translation of where it mentions OC:


When Google use the power

On March 20th 2002 a website was suddenly impossible to find on Google which before came up first when you searched on the word "scientology". It was the website of Norwegian Andreas Heldal-Lund in Stavanger. The website - - was critical to the disputed Church of Scientology - the church that has science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard as guru and leader.

The Church of Scientology demanded that Google stopped his website and claimed the content on it belonged to them. Google gave easily in and accepted the censorship.

- Google didn't even notify me when they removed my web site, says Andreas Heldal-Lund today. At the same time his site was fully searchable through other search engines.

The name of the website is not without reason. One of the doctrines of Hubbard is that a so called overlord names Xenu 75 million years ago froze down people from other parts of our galaxy and transported them to Earth. This was how they solved the problem with overpopulation for other parts of the universe, according to Hubbard & Co.

But the removal of Heldal-Lund's site from Google did not pass unnoticed. The church has always had a high media profile - with superstars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta among their members. Soon American newspapers started writing about Scientology's and Google's censorship of the Norwegian website. The noise became so unpleasant that Google was forced to retreat.

- Google reopened almost all of my pages, says Heldal-Lund. At the same time the company also published all complaints from the Church of Scientology.

- My case was solved, but only because the world media helped. A small organization who gets no public attention will get run over. Google might have censored more web sites without us knowing. We need a watchdog to defend freedom of speech on the Internet, says Andreas Heldal-Lund.

In the picture with large letters: "Google didn't even notify me when they removed my website. Andreas Heldal-Lund". Under the image they have wrongfully added that I am a former member.

31 August 2005
Religious Freedom Watch The Church of Scientology, through their lackey Joel Phillips, are sending letters and calling the top management and senior directors (including the board) of the international company I am employed by. Read what they write here.

24 July 2005
The Operation Clambake Message Board was totally renovated and converted today. The new address is:

15 July 2005
Slate Magazine Slate magazine links to Operation Clambake in an article about L. Ron Hubbard.

Joel interviews When the author of Operation Clambake was in Los Angeles in 2004, the author of Religious Freedom Watch, Joel Phillips, came out to our picket twice to interview. Mark Bunker from also caught it on tape.
7 July 2005
Link to Operation Clambake in The Seattle Times today: The Seattle Times


Q: Where can I get more information?

A: The official Web site is Of the many sites critical of Scientology, one of the most popular is

Associated Press also had a piece printed by many around the world:


Scientology is apparently also like Gnosticism in imparting secret knowledge to elites. Critics at and elsewhere say advanced Scientologists are taught that 75 million years ago the cosmic ruler Xenu paralyzed billions of people in our galaxy, stacked them on Earth and destroyed their bodies with H-bombs, though the traumatized souls survived.

1 July 2005
Despite a diskcrash in June, had 18,705,690 hits this month. In addition we have the proxy servers, caches and mirror sites.

Only half through the year 2005 and we've passed the record of 2004. And we've had more visitors than 2002 and 2003 put together. You would not believe how many e-mails and stories I receive every day because of this.

Good work, TomKat.

29 June 2005
Dallas Morning News Operation Clambake received a mention today in Dallas Morning News in Texas. The article is "What's Scientology's beef with psychiatry?" and is on page 2A.

June 28 2005
Howard Stern Another storm of visitors after Operation Clambake was discussed on Howard Stern this morning.
24 June 2005
700 WLW Author of Operation Clambake was interviewed on a 30 minute radio show on 700 WLW in America.
May 2 2005
Justice Today I received more legal threats from the cult lawyer in Norway Simonsen Føyen:

Complaint is being processed. My direct translation of cult lawyer legal conclusion:

[It is my] evaluation that the information qualifies both as attempt to participate in murder by psychical encouragement, penal code §233, as threat, penal code §227, and as public encouragement to illegal act, penal code §140.

February 6 2005
4 page article in Norwegian newspaper today about Operation Clambake:

Front page Page 28 Page 29 Page 30 Page 31

The reaction from the cult is an additional page on the DA page on me, where they make believe Rogalands Avis is not a real "newspaper". This cult is tragically hilarious. Why don't they dare to link to this page?

January 2 2005
Due to a link at Operation Clambake got 200.000 hits today.

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