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This is an archive of news related to Operation Clambake and/or it's author(s). Other news about the controversial fight against the atrocities done by the Cult of Scientology can be found on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology or Operation Clambake Message Board.

November 8 2011

Dagbladet Kronikk

The national newspaer in Norway, Dagbladet, printed a 7000 character article I wrote on CCHR today.
November 2 2011

NRK 2 Aktuelt

National broadcasting corporation (NRK) interviewed Hans Erik Dyvik Husby (aka Hank von Helvete from Turboneger) on the program Aktuelt for his distribution of Scientology litteratur to Norwegian schools. Author of Operation Clambake also interviewed. Video link (forward 16 minutes).
August 29 2011

Village Voice

Village Voice nominates the author of Operation Clambake to be the 15th person on the list top people crippeling the Church of Scientology.


Andreas Heldal-Lund was not the first person to provide information critical of Scientology on the Internet, and he was not the only one who fought attempts by the church to have his website taken down. But for many years, Heldal-Lund's "Operation Clambake" has been among Scientology's biggest Internet headaches around the world.

July 28 2011


NRK also covers how the Church of Scientology is ambulance chasing after the terror attack on Oslo: "-Vi driver nødhjelpsarbeid"
July 27 2011

The cult is now - with their 'Volunteer Ministers' - in Oslo trying to recruit in the middle of this tragedy. The largest newspaper in Norway reports on it and the author of Operation Clambake is interviewed:

Quote (translated):


Andreas Heldal-Lund runs the website which provides critical information on the Church of Scientology, and is one of the most known critics of the organisation in Norway. He considers the organisations presence at Youngstorget after the terror as sad.

- I will strongly warn people harmed by this tragedy to seek these people. Cults like this are experts in vulnerable phases in life, and their model for recruiting is to push someone so far down that they beg for help - and then they are there offering that help with their courses and cures, he says.

- In my opinion this is a cult that deceives people. They don't ask for money for what they are doing at Youngstorget, but it is my personal opinion that this is something they use deliberately and planned as part of their recruitment, he says.

He stresses that it is not the people on the street in Oslo he is criticising.

- Those on the street are believers and are doing this in the best intentions, he says.

July 26 2011

The Village Voice
The Village Voice mentiones Operation Clambake today:


Rathbun, as inspector general of the Religious Technology Center, answered only to Scientology's ultimate leader, David Miscavige. As we've pointed out numerous times before, Rathbun was an enforcer, a fixer, and went after Scientology's perceived enemies seemingly with glee. But in 2004 he left the organization and then two years ago began suddenly speaking out against Miscavige at his blog, "Moving On Up a Little Higher."

Tonight, we learn the surprising secret that when Rathbun needed help setting up his blog, he received that help from an unlikely source: Mark Bunker.

(I am having deja vu: 12 years ago, when I wrote about Tory Christman leaving Scientology, what set her on the road to defection was in part some helpful tech advice from Operation Clambake operator Andreas Heldal-Lund. The web: its power is amazing.)

February 24 2011

WWL900 webmaster Andreas Heldal-Lund was interviewed (15 minutes) live on Doc Thompson 700WLW Cincinnati, Ohio (which also appears to be syndicated to 1140 WRVA Newsradio, Richmond, Virgina).


Doc Thompson 2/24/11 Hour 3
Thu, 24 Feb 2011 12:27:13 -0500
Is Tom Cruise using slave labor? Doc gets behind the walls of the Church of Scientology.

To download the podcast, right-click "Download" and select "Save Target As" from the menu. iPhone users: Press and hold the Download link until the iPhone asks if you want to open, open in a new page, or copy. Choose "Open in New Page" to listen.

February 16 2011

The Awl

The Awl mentiones Operation Clambake in an article titled "Meet the Heroes of Early Scientology Reporting - Plus, a Visit to the Celebrity Centre".


The Internet has enabled its detractors to deal what should be a fatal blow to the secrecy of Scientology. There is an enormous, comprehensive anti-Scientology website called Operation Clambake that has been up since 1996; there was a massive trove of documents leaked to WikiLeaks, unreadably huge, featuring everything from L. Ron Hubbard's FBI files to his "censored Helatrobus lectures," thousands upon thousands of internal documents and handbooks, legal files, recordings, videos.

February 9 2011

Article Dagbladet

The largest telecom company in Norway use Scientology company services for recruiting.


"Unproblematic" says the state owned gigant. "Poor judgement" says Scientology critic.

February 8 2011
The author of Operation Clambake was interviewed live by Richie Allen for 20 minutes on Talk Radio Europe tonight.

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