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Projects Outstanding

This is a list of planned and ongoing projects on Operation Clambake. If you want to help with any of them, or have proposals for other projects, please contact me.

Making fair use versions of HCO Bulletins and Lectures
Most of the HCO Bulletins are now gone from the Secret Library because of complaints from the cult. Same goes for the Hubbard Lectures. I started making fair use versions of the documents a while back and have done so for the top five HCOB's. Now I need help to do the rest. The goal is to give a proper and fair representation of the documents so that the visitors to Operation Clambake get a better understanding of how "the tech" works.

Spelling and grammar checking
English is, as you might have guessed, not my first language. I appreciate any suggestions to better the spelling and grammar on any text I have written.

Scientology Case Folder
An important part of the pressure that retains people in CoS is the folder the cult has on them. People who have never been in CoS needs to understand that and with that as a starting point I started a project presented as a folder. I need text and examples to fill in the different folders. Maybe make a folder on a made up person? Also want to have a link to the OSA file.

Scientology Court Files
Help find court files to add to the Scientology Court Files section.

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