One opened, more to go... Operation Clambake:
How to support the fight against
the Church of Scientology

For decades L Ron Hubbard's detailed instructions on how to crush any attempt at opposition worked very well. His loyal followers destroyed lives and families in their attempt to scare ex-members into silence or ruin critics. The attacks on Paulette Cooper are among the worst cases we know of; one can only wonder what is still guarded in the secret archives of the cult. The campaign against the Cult of Scientology is, among other things, an attempt to bring its secrets and crimes to the surface.

The Internet has changed everything for critics of Scientology. For example, I live far away from any cult franchise or public critic. Without the Internet, I would stand no chance fighting the Cult of Scientology. Imagine the time and cost involved in conducting an investigation into the cult across the Atlantic using letters and phone. They could easily orchestrate a set of lawsuits against me where I stood no real chance. But with my computer I can easily access more detailed information than you can find in any single physical location. Instantly! I can search through books and court records, and talk to other critics. While all the people fighting the cult before had to do the same investigative work over and over, I can download a copy of all their work. And more!

L Ron Hubbard never predicted the Internet so the cult has no policy that can handle it. Individual critics, spread all over the world (usually angry ex-members or fearless investigating journalists), were no real challenge for an unscrupulous cult with millions of dollars to spend. But the same critics communicating with each other, exchanging documents and experiences, is devastating. All the money in the world can't stop all the critics stirred into action by the information on the 'Net.

The cult still seems to be caught off guard. People from Scandinavia to New Zealand have done everything from hosting a critical link on their homepage, to making the inner most secrets of Scientology available on their web sites. When Scientology sued one critic, ten more popped up. Then hundreds were informed, and later thousands. On the 'Net the Scientology "tech" to handle "suppressive people" (SPs) turned out only to harm the cult. The more people became aware of the dangerous cult.

The fight is far from won. Cult leaders are still hoping things will calm down so they can use their "tech" again. You might not want to stand in the front lines, or even make your name known to the cult, but there is still a lot you can do!

Here is a list of suggestions, but don't let this limit your creativity:

Thanks to Kristi Wachter & David for the proof-reading and suggestions.

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