One opened, more to go...
That's why!

Today I woke up realizing how lucky I am. Despite it all, days like this are good. Many things I take for granted are there only because someone, somewhere, stood up and made a change. In the case of Scientology many have stood up, and they can never get too much assistance.

Nothing is either just black or white, wrong or right. There are many shades, and I can see good aspects in probably all religions and ideologies. Biased hate or love was never my way. I strive to be objective, and I try my best to see the other side before I take a stand. Basically, I don't care how much good results from Scientology; all acts of humans should by default be good. It's when I see the bad results that I react. And nothing I ever saw could compare to the obviously dangerous and deliberately fabricated methods to exploit the gullibility of people and their desperate search for comfort. The right reaction to a problem is seldom as obvious as it is this time.

No, I'm not an ex-scieno. I don't believe I have to drown to warn others about the danger of drowning. Things are happening here, now. The Church of Scientology causes one tragedy after another and nothing much seems to change. We don't dare to react, and I have no problem understanding why. This church is, at its best, extremely unscrupulous.

Making some stupid papers public has nothing to do with bravery. I just happen to be in a period of my life when I'm more scared of losing my integrity than of losing anything else. And I don't have that much to lose. No kids, no wife, no millions in the bank. I don't even hide any big secrets that anybody could use against me. I'm WYSIWYG. :)

What really made up my mind was Hubbard’s strategy of scaring the shit out of all critics (the "fair game" doctrine). They may manage to scare me until I wet my pants, but they'll never scare me into giving up what I believe in. I'm stubborn, and damn proud.

I hereby protest against The Church of Scientology. They do not deserve, nor have they earned the right, to protect their destructive sides behind the copyright law. That's not what the law was made for, in my humble opinion. In this case, freedom of thought and speech is what's at stake. Being allowed to see the real face of the church is the only possible method to protect ourselves against it. If the "church" can't live with that kind of honesty, I don't give a shit. They have many things coming, but one of them is not the state of Clear!

I'm awake, and this is a good day!

Best regards,
Andreas Heldal-Lund
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"Reality is that which,
when you stop believing in it,
doesn't go away".
Philip K. Dick

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