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YOUR [illegible word] OU2 [illegible] 14 July 1971



Senate Foreign Relations Committee
U.S. Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C.

Dear Gentlemen:

We feel that the enclosed reports are most vital to your Committee in that these reports involve officials of the United States Goverment:

1. Using the name of the President of the United States in connection with criminal actions involving destruction and the threat of destruction of foreign vessels.

2. Threatening the destruction of this Company's vessel of Panamanian registry.

3. Threatening to murder the vessel's company of 380 men, women and children, many of whom are Americans.

4. Using the name of the Central Intelligence Agency to threaten such death and destruction.

5. Plainly demonstrating that the State Department and CIA act on false information.

We became involved with the American Consul in Casablanca due to the tragic suicide of a 23 year old American named Susan Meister, who had been aboard our vessel for a scant four months. Miss Meister was a member of the Church of Scientology of California, a client company of ours, and was part of that group's drug rehabilitation programme sent to us for administrative training in the hopes that she would be of assistance in the project to establish drug rehabilitation centers in California. Miss Meister was herself formerly addicted to drugs and was well acquainted with the drug sub-culture in America.

Unfortunately, her suicidal tendencies were unknown to us. According to her mother, Mrs. George Meister of Greeley, Colorado, Susan had previously attempted suicide at the age of 16 by taking an overdose of pills. She was released after a year's psychiatric treatment under Dr. Fairchild of Denver. This psychiatrist stated to her mother that she was perfectly all right and that her sole troubles were really due to her father; however, Mrs. Meister claims

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her daughter never really recovered and was continuously threatening suicide. All this is given in strictest confidence merely to explain how it came about that we were visited by _Mr. Galbraith_ Vice-consul in Casablanca, the man sent by his senior, _Mr. Nelson_, to see to the necessary documents and investigation required.

Mr. Galbraith showed little concern in this matter except to state continuously that he wanted no publicity. Our Company has had to handle the advisement of Miss Meister's death to her family, has had to push to try to obtain official documents which could be sent to her family, has had to send Miss Meister's belongings to her family and are currently trying to arrange for her remains to be sent to America for burial at our Company's expense.

All Mr. Galbraith has done is to threaten our death and destruction should we cause him any more trouble, as if the suicide of Miss Meister was something which we had ourselves caused just to make trouble for him, his senior and the U.S. Goverment. Further, Mr. Galbraith has made all manner of accusations about our activities. In fact Mr. Galbraith has conducted himself criminally in this whole matter, as the enclosed document reveals.

We are deeply anxious now about the safety of our vessel and those who sail in her. We have taken steps as best we can to protect ourselves from some sudden and mysterious catastrophe as the enclosed letter to Attorney General Mitchell states.

Furthermore, uttering such things in public here only 72 hours after an attempted and unexplained coup d'etat against the head of state could easily draw the blame for it upon the President and CIA and cause reprisals against all Americans.

We ask of your Committee that it take action to ensure our protection and survival and that these men, Mr. Galbraith and Mr. Nelson, are handled by the Attorney General for having made such criminal threats.

We report this to you well understanding that it could mean further reprisals against us as threats have been made already all too plainly.

Sincerely yours,

[signed] N.H. [illegible]

Lorman [sic] H. Starkey,

cc: The President of the United States

The Attorney General


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