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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


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_To Whom It May Concern_:

I, PETER DAVID WARREN, OWNERS REPRESENTATIVE AND PORT CAPTAIN of the Yacht APOLLO, in the ownership of OPERATION TRANSPORT CORPORATION LIMITED PANAMA, presently berthed in Safi Morocco, do hereby take my oath and swear as follows:

1. [?]n 13 July 1971, I went at 12.00 to the restaurant in Safi known as [illegible], in company with [partially illegible, possibly Jane Chiriasi?], Hostess on board the Yacht APOLLO, driven there in a diplomatic car by the Vice Consul of the United States of America in Casablanca, Jack Galbraith, where we entertained to lunch by Mr. Galbraith until after 15.00 that afternoon.

In the course of that lunch and subsequently in the lounge aboard APOLLO Mr. Galbraith at various times stated to me the following:

2. That he did not want to go to the trouble of infiltrating someone on board, so I should tell him what the APOLLO really does - not give him this story of business management, in which the company is engaged.

3. That it was unbelievable that the ship APOLLO is a floating business management company, and asked me to give him something more believable, such as that it was a brothel, or a casino, and that it did not matter that this should be false.

4. That he would prefer I told him that it was a brothel.

5. He referred to the members of the Church of Scientology as a bunch of kooks, and stated that that is perfectly all right.

6. He stated that if the ship was in fact part of the Church of Scientology, the CIA would not be interested in it, [illegible] only if the ship was politically engaged would the CIA [?] interested.

7. If the ship APOLLO caused too much discussion and mystery Nixon [illegible[ or the CIA to sink the Apollo at her berth in Safi [illegible words] so that the USA would not have any more trouble [illegible]

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she presently has, being messed up abroad.

8. That if he wanted to, he (Galbraith) could get the ship sunk at her berth in Safi tomorrow by the CIA.

9. That the CIA could easily sabotage the ship APOLLO by getting a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola into the oil, or even better commerical diamond dust; with the result that her engines would fail after some time at sea.

10. That Nixon once did order the CIA to sink a ship in Libya though [?]here was no real resaon other than that the ship was causing too many questions and too much trouble to the USA whose position in Libya was bad.

Additionally, I do hereby take my oath and swear that the same JACK GALBRAITH did make the following statements to me aboard the Yacht APOLLO in the lounge on 13.7.71:

11. That he had heard it speculated and had so speculated himself as to whether the ship was concerned in prostitution, drug traffic, espionage or counter espionage. That it had been further speculated that the APOLLO was a part of a pornography organisation and was linking Denmark and Los Angeles for the purpose of distribution of pornography, and that a report to this effect exists in the file on the ship APOLLO in the Casablanca Consulate General.

12. He advised that if the Church of Scientology was one of our clients we should get rid of them, as it has been proved in England that their being any good was an idea which was blown up in England.

13. He stat[?] that if he were force to make inquiries he would want names of companies we have assisted with business management, and indicating that there might be some pressure applied to us in the near future, against which we should supply such [illegible] so that they could be checked out, thus attempting to use threats to force divulgence of professional matters.

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14. Throughout his conversation, Mr. Galbraith attempted to get me to give another story for the company other than the true one, which would, if published on a company brochure as he urged on me several times, have brought this company to ruin.

So sworn this thirteenth day of July in the year one thousand nine hundred seventy one in the port of Safi.

Peter David Warren
Gordon Cottages,
Beccles, Suffolk

[signed] Michael E. D[illegible]
13025 Cimarron Avenue,
Gardenia, California,
USA 90249

[signed] J. Byrne
38 Ingram Avenue,
London NW 11.


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