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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


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_To Whom It May Concern_:

I, JONE CHIRIASI, HOSTESS OF THE YACHT APOLLO, in the ownership of OPERATION TRANSPORT CORPORATION LIMITED PANAMA, presently berthed in Safi Marocco [sic], do hereby take my oath and swear as follows:

1. I was asked by Mr. Galbraith, known to me as the Vice-Consul of the United States in Casablanca, to accompany him and PETER DAVID WARREN, OWNERS REPRESENTATIVE AND PORT CAPTAIN OF THE YACHT APOLLO, to the restaurant Sidi Bouzid in Safi.

2. Mr. Galbraith took us to this restaurant in a diplomatic car, and there bought us lunch. We left for the restaurant at about 12.00 and returned at about 15.00 in the afternoon, and I was subsequently in the lounge of the Yacht with Mr. Warren and Mr. Galbraith during a part of the time that they spent there.

3. In the course of the time that I was with Mr. Galbraith and Mr. Warren I personally heard Mr. Galbraith declare as follows at separate times, mostly during his conversation with Mr. Warren, sometimes talking to me:

4. That he could if he had to infiltrate someone on board the Yacht Apollo, that it was easy to do, but because it was expensive and would take a lot of work, he preferred that Mr. Warren should tell the truth about the Yacht APOLLO and save him the trouble, declaring that the statement that the Yacht APOLLO is a part of a business management company as made by Mr. Warren was not true.

5. Later Mr. Galbraith stated that he might have to supply details about the Yacht APOLLO and what it did, and if so, he wanted to have a better story to give than Mr. Warren's statement, and that he did not mind if the statement were true or not.

6. In reply to Mr. Warren's question as to whether he was under pressure to get information about the Yacht APOLLO, Mr. Galbraith replied that he was.

7. Mr. Galbraith speculated and viewed the possibilities that the ship was a brothel, engaged in drug traffic, or casino, and at

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separate times stated that he would not care if he were told that any of these were the case. He stated that he thought it was best to state that the ship contained the religious cult of Scientology kooks, in which case the ship would not be touched.

8. He stated that if the ship was religious it would not be of any interest to the CIA, and that only if the ship was politically engaged would the ship be of interest to the CIA.

9. By [illegible] [?]at only an account of the ship as different to being a business management company would be acceptable to him as something he could tell Nelson, by stating that he did not care if some false account of the ship were given him by Mr. Warren, by suggesting that Mr. Warren should publish a brochure containing such an account, he attempted to get Mr. Warren to give an account of the ship other than the true one.

10. Mr. Galbraith stated that if a new story were not given, and if the ship should arouse too many questions, he (Galbraith) would get the Yacht APOLLO sunk tomorrow in her berth in Safi. He would not do this himself he said, but would get the CIA to do it.

11. He stated that it would be easy for the ship to be dealt with if necessary; it would only need two bottles of Coke in the oil intake, or some diamond dust, and the engines would give up some way out of port.

12. He said that if the ship became an embarrassment to the United States Nixon would order the CIA to sink or sabotage it.

13. Mr. Galbraith stated that Nixon had once ordered the CIA to sink a ship in Libya, not because it was doing anything in particular or anything wrong but simply because it was causing too [illegible] questions and the position of the USA in Libya was bad enough and [illegible] the CIA had sunk the vessel.

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Jone Chiriasi
Via S. Rocco No 9.
20135 Milano.

[illegible signature]
M.E. Anderson-M[?]rshead
21 Winston Churchill Drive,
Pinelands, Pineto[?]n
Durban, South Africa.

[illegible signature]

Abd[?]llate Rebbaj
Villa Dorf,
Sida Bouzid
Marocco [sic].


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